The Alumni of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium is a unique and cohesive community that currently counts more than 300 members and is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. One of the main goal of the MCC Career Centre is to support Alumni members who are in different fields and life situations, in order to continue their professional development.

Our aim is to help students being able to improve themseves after completing their studies, and return to our institution to share their success with our current students. Therefore, we have launched the MCC Alumni+ programme from 2021 that offers a variety of professional and community programme opportunities for graduates, whether they are employees or entrepreneurs.

With the support of the MCC, they can gain unique scholarship opportunities at the best universities in the world, take part on exclusive trainings in order to achieve peak performance, and we also provide them the opportunity to return to the institution as mentors or instructors.

We believe it is important that the members of Alumni and our students have an active relationship with each other, this is why number of traditions have been developed over the decades, the care of which we place great emphasis on.