Leadership in times of crisis conference

MCC's 1st International Leadership Conference was held with great professional and press interest. The event featured 12 speakers on “Leadership in a Time of Crisis”. In addition to the foreign professors who regularly teach at the MCC Leadership Program, János Lázár, András Tombor, László Bencsik, János Strohmayer and Erik Bogsch also gave lectures on the topic. After the opening speech of the founder and curator of the Collegium, János Lázár was the first to speak. The Secretary of State of Prime Minister's Office emphasized that the government can maintain social trust if, after the crisis, it follows the principle that everyone who is able to do so should take a greater share of the public burden. The Secretary of State stressed that if the sectors with the money do not contribute to the increasing burden, political stability will be weakened. According to the Secretary of State, after the economic crisis of 2008, Europe remained in a crisis, primarily a social one, despite the fact that it was originally created to solve a crisis and lay the foundations for lasting peace and economic growth. "It is quite shocking that the (...) society, organization and structure created to solve the biggest problems of the 20th century are in the most serious and unmanageable crisis today," said János Lázár.

According to him, it is in Hungary's utmost interest for the European Union (EU) to be able to renew the European idea, to have "more Europe" in the sense of social justice and a fair distribution of resources, because in the absence of this, new crises will have to be faced. László Bencsik, deputy CEO of OTP Bank, and head of the Strategy and Finance Division, emphasized that new players in the crisis can rise above the others with new ideas or improve the position of companies through acquisitions. He recalled that crises are not uncommon events, in the last 200 years, on average, about one-fifth of independent states were bankrupt at some point in time. According to the deputy CEO, the main conclusion of the crisis is that the performance of an organization depends mostly on the people who work there and those with whom it is associated.


IV. Countrywide MCC Pedagogue Conference

The pedagogue conference of spring 2019 was organised by the Mathias Corvinus Collegium with more than 20 years of talent management experience. The aim of such conference is to help both primary and secondary school teachers to enrich their methodological toolkit with international practices through an innovative approach, focusing on skills and competence development, problem solving, and international experience, using the pedagogical, talent management and methodological experience gained in the MCC Youth Talent Program and the Secondary School Program.

Mathias Corvinus Collegium has also launched a complex talent development program for upper elementary school students since the fall of 2015. The Youth Talent Program (FIT) currently has 550 students in seven cities of the region (Budapest, Berehove, Kecskemét, Veszprém, Szolnok, Pécs, Miskolc), where topics not taught in school education, speech-centred English teaching, personalised development, and a real community await the children.

The MCC Secondary School Program (KP) provides motivated, talented high school students with opportunities for extracurricular learning and development. In addition to free e-learning-based social science-focused training, it provides skills and competency development training days on a monthly basis, and talent development camps to students participating in the Program twice a year.

MCC Secondary School Program's Educator Conference

Mathias Corvinus Collegium's Secondary School Program provides motivated, talented high school students with opportunities for extracurricular learning and development. In addition to free e-learning-based, social science-focused training, it provides skills and competency development training days and twice-yearly talent development camps to students participating in the Program on a monthly basis. At our conference on October 14, 2017, we would also like to address practicing teachers who teach high school students, university faculty, and prospective educators involved in teacher education.  The aim of the conference is to enrich the methodological tools of secondary school teachers with good practices with an innovative approach, focusing on skills and competency development and problem solving, including international experience. The conference aims to be a professional meeting point where interested educators and teacher trainees can take part in attitude-forming lectures and where we provide an opportunity to learn and share new methodological ideas that they can use in their day-to-day teaching work. At the event, each participant will receive a short methodological booklet summarizing the contents of the conference. 

MCC Youth Talent Program Pedagogue Conference

The Youth Talent Program (FIT) attaches great importance to the cooperation with teachers, the exchange of methodological and pedagogical experiences, as well as the presentation of innovative talent management methods and the promotion of their application within the school framework. The “Talent Care at the Higher Level” conference is a tradition-building initiative. Our aim is, on the one hand, to present the talent management possibilities and methods of the upper secondary school age group, to share the experiences of formal and non-formal education systems, and, on the other hand, to outline the basic features of assertive-supportive pedagogical attitude. The conference aims to be a professional meeting point, a community base, where we provide a forum for educators interested in talent management to share methodological ideas. The event also provides an opportunity to get to know the FIT Program as a form of training that operates with innovative teaching methods, and to explore the topic through a number of expert presentations.

The first steps in recognising and developing the abilities of talented children are taken by the family, but later, cooperation with educators, psychologists and other actors in education, is the only way to achieve effective personality and skill development. To achieve these goals, we are organising conferences for pedagogue, which, with the help of experts in the field of talent management, will present formal and non-formal educational tools for identifying and developing children with outstanding abilities, and will also be a professional forum for pedagogical experience sharing.