Quick responses, new ideas, innovation – these are the key factors a company needs to meet market challenges. This requires flexible, creative, and imaginative employees with foresight who are also open to exploring domestic and international solutions. Our training programs ensure that our students are knowledgeable, skillful, and broad-minded.  Equipped with a solid technical background and international experience, our students are prepared to do well in any segment of the labor market.

Mathias Corvinus Foundation is grateful for all kinds of support. All contributions will be used to support talented students, and to organize events and camps. Thank you for considering becoming our partner in forming the next generation of responsible leaders. MCC welcomes support from individuals as well as companies or organizations.

For designating your 1% of PIT
Our tax number is 18157918-2-41
Our bank account number is 11600006-00000000-78221011

You can download a declaration form of the one percent of the tax paid here.
You can read the information of NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary) on designating the one percent of PIT here.

Thank you very much for your support!

For companies

You can help the work of Mathias Corvinus Collegium in various ways: 
Opportunities for cooperation

  • Newsletters: Our newsletter is an effective platform to inform our students about the career opportunities, competitions,
  • and events offered by our partners.
  • Business projects:In business project, a team of MCC students examines relevant market and strategic matters for a company’s given needs. During the project, students consult relevant within the company and, if necessary, with other external consultants. Based on the information explored, students develop suggestions and innovative ideas that aim to increase the efficiency and development of your company.
  • Expert appearance: Experts from our partner institutions have opportunities to be professional participants in our events, give lectures, and hold workshops. This allows companies to connect with potential new employees and to gain exposure.
  • Support for projects: We also provide the opportunity to appear at international events organized by our students, such as our Summer Academy or the two-day conference called Neighborhood Dialogues. Our supporting partners can take part in these events as speakers or sponsors, and appear on our printed materials, thus strengthening the company's image and enhancing its visibility.


Why support us?

  • We provide opportunities for public appearance on our online and printed platforms, as well as at our public press events.
  • Sponsor logos are displayed on our website, on the posters of our conferences and events.
  • We contribute to spreading and increasing company reputation.
  • Our partners have the chance to become acquainted with the most talented students in Hungary, their potential new employees.
  • By supporting education, you support the future generation.
  • By supporting our projects, you strengthen the company's image and employer branding.
  • You can become a main sponsor at our major events and camps.
  • You can also benefit from a tax relief.

If you see any possibility for cooperation between your company and our institution, please contact us!