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The spring of 2020 presented us with an unprecedented situation, when coronavirus appeared in Hungary too: the life of students changed and they started learning from home. Report by Renáta Rontó, student of the RTP university program, on the transition of the Roma Talent Program to online courses and the experiences of the recent period.

With the emerge of the virus, my everyday life changed as well: I started working in home office, I couldn’t go to university or the library either. I am a third-year doctoral student at the Doctoral School of Political Science at Eötvös Loránd University, and - in the meantime - I am also a student of MCC’s Roma Talent Program. Trainings provided by MCC to its students were held without any problems, despite Covid-19, through Zoom. To my great surprise, the lectures were very enjoyable and followable online also, to which the great topics and, of course, the lecturers themselves contributed greatly.

Each online lesson was well done and very informative, for example the presentation of media educator Borbála Timár and media researcher Ádám Guld on the 4th of April, during which we could get acquainted with conscious media consumption and the world of influencers. Márton Rétvári, lecturer at Corvinus University of Budapest, gave a course on time management and learning tips, and then we took part in the self-knowledge and mindfulness training of psychologist Zsófia Zsidi on the 18th of April. On the last training weekend of the semester, on the 9th of May, writer and poet István Pion held a creative writing practice course. I think that these training sessions also helped me to be able to spend the period of “curfew” meaningfully.

I can only recommend MCC’s Roma Talent Program to all students, to which you can actually apply right now. Good luck to all candidates!

Renáta Rontó, RTP, University Program