Leadership Programme

The Leadership Academy of MCC is the final phase of the University Programme, which provides its participants a vibrant, international learning atmosphere, belonging and community, and practical knowledge-based challenges in order to improve their skills.
During the 2 year long programme, we aim to ensure that our students become a member of a network that lasts a lifetime, and build a competitive advantage in the employment market. We encourage students to invest not just in themselves, but also to influence their environment, and serve a greater cause.

What do we need in our fast-paced and unpredictable world to be able to radically rethink our leadership habits and processes? How do we solve wicked regional or worldwide problems, and achieve paradigm-shifting breakthroughs, in order to change our organisations? How can we reach the pinnacle of our capabilities, and continually improve our skills in our high-speed world? How do we follow the carrier path we have chosen, aiming at creating more value than others around us? – The leadership team of MCC was asking these questions, when they have decided to provide a unique educational and training programme for their students – a leadership programme which is unlike any other, goes beyond the traditional management/leadership courses, and able to deliver an exclusive opportunity for future leaders, so they can thrive in our dynamic, ever-changing environments.

In the past few decades university education has become a large-scale issue, providing only partially sufficient experience and hands-on knowledge for talented students, in order to integrate them into the workplace. Most programs lack hands-on education that helps young talented people to match their profession and unique leadership skills. Moreover, developing leadership is a time-consuming experiential process, which requires commitment, self-awareness, and constant challenges in real life projects, with high stakes and time pressure.

To answer the above-mentioned challenges, we have developed a unique programme based on the following fundamentals:

1. Real life corporate projects
Working with external corporate partners we aim to improve our students’ entrepreneurial skills. We provide a safe environment, where they can experiment, learn different methods, and co-operate with others, while improving their entrepreneurial skills. Our main problem solution tool, the mission model canvas is based on a design thinking methodology  and is supported by experienced mentors.

2. Practical leadership development challenges
During our weekend seminars, we invite experienced lecturers and trainers from Hungary and abroad. During these training events the students are immersed in workshops, exercises, studies, and solving problems individually as well as in teams. We also organise study tours, where the students visit small and medium-sized organisations, and gain insight into their processes and daily operation. These education and training opportunities help our students to build their leadership skills in order to perform better in an unpredictable environment, and lead change efforts in their future.

3. Exclusive meetings with highly successful Hungarian and international leaders
We organise informal discussions with national and international professionals, where students can gain an intimate knowledge about their career path, leadership experience and management methods. These events also provide first-hand experiences regarding actual problems and their possible solutions.

4. Tailor made leadership development
Since leadership development starts with assessing the individual’s skills and competencies, our programme also includes semester-long, complex individual skill development process. This includes cutting-edge simulations, neurotechnology, and individual training with experienced coaches. Our programme is aiming to support the students’ goals, to increase their performance and creativity, enhance their stress management techniques, and maintain motivation for an extended period of time.

Overall, the Leadership Academy at MCC provides a unique learning environment, where participants can improve their unconventional leadership skills, and experiment with the implementation of these techniques in their daily life. Our goal is to create a learning environment, where problem-solving, practical knowledge, an entrepreneurial approach all take place, and contribute to deliver leaders, who are able to serve their community and their nation.

Dr. Imre Porkoláb

Imre Porkoláb, PhD is currently the Director of the Leadership Training Academy at MCC. He has served over 30 years at various positions at the MoD, Defence Staff and as the commander of Hungary’s SOF unit. He spent a significant part of his career developing the Hungarian Special Forces capability, has completed operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and is a highly decorated military officer. In 2011 he has been appointed to be the National Liaison Representative to NATO’s strategic command (ACT). In 2014 he was selected to be SACT’s representative to the Pentagon where he was aligning NATO’s capability building and transformation efforts with the US MoD, Joint Staff, and the Think Tank community. He was also actively engaged in building up NATO co-operation with the US defense innovation ecosystem. From 2018 he was serving as the Deputy National Armament Director for Research-Development and Innovation at the PrimeMinister’s Cabinet office in Hungary. Imre joined the MCC community in OCT 2020. His research interests include the human side of digital transformation, unconventional leadership in VUCA context, and optimizing human performance. His academic background includes Corvinus, Harvard, and Stanford universities. He is a recognised international speaker with multiple TEDx talks, and a bestseller writer. His first book "Szolgálj, hogy vezethess" was published in 2016 and his second one "A stratégia művészete" in 2019.