Membership – MCC Research Centers

As Hungary's largest interdisciplinary education and research center, MCC considers it a priority to foster a generation of Hungarian social scientists who are committed to scientific methods, confident in communicating their own research results and able to interpret the results of other disciplines.

The MCC Center Membership Program offers a unique training opportunity for students graduating from the MCC Schools who see their future in science and who wish to participate in the vibrant intellectual life at MCC.

Center members will have the opportunity to:

  • continue to be accommodated in the Collegium (typically in double rooms);
  • work closely with the MCC academic staff, including visiting professors from abroad;
  • participate in small, advanced-level courses and tutorials;
  • have greater access to the rich intellectual and cultural life at MCC at all its locations, in addition to the now-familiar MCC community experience.

The one-year program (renewable once) is designed for people who wish to gain relevant experience in science and research before deciding whether to make a long-term commitment to a career in science.

How is this different from the education in our Schools? There are no point-based incentives and the minimum conditions are easy to meet. The program builds on the student's self-motivation. Looking back at the end of the year, it's easy to see how much one has put in and taken out of the program. For this reason, center membership is open only to those MCC students who have demonstrated exemplary hard work and commitment to research.

The training program is structured around the following five pillars:

  • Supporting the work of the mentor teacher;
  • School courses;
  • compulsory courses to develop writing skills and research design;
  • research debates;
  • and involvement in other traditional MCC activities

Center Members 2021/2022