Other programs

Parent Academy 

The Parent Academy series of events was launched with the aim of providing support to the parents of talented students participating in the Youth Talent Program to help their children evolve and develop. We believe that all talent management work begins in the primary medium of children's upbringing and socialisation: the family. This is because desynchrony is a common phenomenon in the intellectual and emotional development of children with outstanding abilities, when intellectual development exceeds emotional development, which poses challenges to the immediate environment, including parents.

In order to answer the questions that arose, to raise awareness and develop the supportive parenting attitude, we launched this series of events, in the framework of which the participants could listen to lectures related to the parental tasks of talent management. The Parent Academy program series is implemented on two levels: on the one hand, we organise exclusive lectures for the parents involved in our training, and on the other hand, we provide lectures open to all interested parties in the regional centres. In recent years, our guests have included talent researcher Emőke Bagdy, storyteller therapists Ildikó Boldizsár and Annamária Kádár, and psychology specialist Annamária Tari.