11/30/21, 8:18 PM

The law that will change Germany forever

Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) Greens and Liberals have agreed on a coalition government, and presented a programme. It contains a radical reform of migration policy that will change Germany forever.
9/23/21, 5:31 PM

What To Expect in the German Federal Election?

Discussion with Prof. Werner Patzelt, professor emeritus of the Technical University of Dresden and visiting fellow at MCC.
7/13/21, 4:35 PM

What is the problem with the German electoral system?

It was only this year that the German public realized that there were heated debates about the electoral system hardly known to the average German citizen. At the beginning of 2021, opposition groups filed a petition with the Constitutional Court challenging the reform of the German electoral system.
6/29/21, 9:50 AM

Can Free Media be a Danger to Freedom of Expression?

It’s never good when media freedom is supressed. But can the media themselves suppress freedom of speech? A leading German pollster thinks they do.
5/21/21, 8:55 AM

Political violence in Germany

German authorities began tracking „politically motivated crime” in 2001. In 2020, more such crimes were registered than in any year before. Social tensions are rising.