High School Program

The distance learning (e-learning) programme of the MCC opens an educational and community platform for the most talented secondary school students.

Launched in 2002, MCC’s Secondary School Programme offers free training consisting of distance education and Saturday sessions for the most gifted secondary school students all over the Carpathian Basin. In 2013, the Transylvanian Secondary School Programme addressing the Transylvanian youth was also launched with its Saturday sessions being held in Cluj-Napoca and Odorheiu Secuiesc.

Complementing the secondary school curriculum, the Programme aims to help students to make their career choice, prepare them to successful further studies and provide an initial support for planning a longer career path. When drawing up the syllabus, MCC lays emphasis on topics and skills that cannot really be fit into the confines of secondary education but may be part of university courses. In addition to education, we also organise summer and winter camps and study trips for the students where students can build a real MCC community.

Currently 1300 students are enrolled in the Secondary School Programme, however we foresee to involve 4000 students in the Programme after increasing the number of our centres in Hungary and abroad. In addition to increasing the headcount, we organise club meetings, professional and study trips both in Hungary and abroad and, simultaneously with expanding our courses on offer, we also set up a mentoring system providing career guidance to the children.


  • Economics
  • International Relations
  • Modern History
  • Social Studies
  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Writing Skills
  • Academic Writing (EN)
  • A Different Approach to Literature


  • communication skills, self-reflection;
  • reasoning techniques and debating
  • public speech and presentation skills
  • career guidance and self-knowledge
  • financial awareness