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5/2/24, 3:09 PM

In Defence of Standards

The determination of parents to secure a place for their child at a good school suggests that, among the general public at least, high educational standards are valued. However, among teachers, policy-makers and educational theorists, there is disagreement about the meaning of standards and little consensus that securing high standards is an important aim for schools.
4/30/24, 10:53 AM

MCC Podcast: Building a Conservative Future for America

Saurabh Sharma is the president and co-founder of American Moment, an organization dedicated to helping young American conservatives build their careers and fill positions of influence.
4/23/24, 1:49 PM

Teachers should not be political activists

The politicisation of education produces ‘activist teachers’, pedagogues whose primary allegiance is to political progressivism rather than the transmission of knowledge.
4/23/24, 1:38 PM

MCC Podcast: Asia Meets Hungary - Learning from Asia project: Indonesian Student in Hungary

Podcast with Bimba – Fourth episode with Rizvika: Studying as an Indonesian PhD student in Hungary and reflecting on both Hungarian and Indonesian education.
4/22/24, 10:29 AM
Author: Yann Caspar

A complete turnaround in relations between France and Morocco?

Since 2017, Emmanuel Macron has favoured relations with Algeria, which is hostile to Morocco. The French president has tried to move closer to Algeria, but in doing so has mainly distanced himself from Morocco. However, this has changed recently, notably with the arrival of Stéphane Séjourné at the head of the French Foreign Ministry. Paris and Rabat are renewing their relations in many areas, incurring the wrath of Algiers.
4/12/24, 8:22 AM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Legislative Election in Portugal, 2024

With the most appreciated contribution of Mr. Alexandre de Sousa Carvalho from the University of Coimbra, the Votes&Seats podcast series gladly issues its episode on the March 2024 Portuguese early legislative election.
3/25/24, 9:31 AM

Politicisation of Education

The introduction of new subjects such as Citizenship, and the decolonisation of traditional academic subjects such as history, reveals the extent to which teaching is now politicised in ways that are entirely antithetical to classical education.
3/22/24, 9:35 AM

MCC Podcast | Asia Meets Hungary - Learning from Asia project: Filipino Student in Hungary

Bimba, a junior researcher of the "Learning from Asia" project, is hosting a podcast featuring Asian PhD students in Hungary.
3/18/24, 2:43 PM

MCC Podcast: DIPLOMACI | The Role of Politics on Climate Change

In the second part of this episode of the DiploMaci Podcast, dr. Calum Nicholson, the Director of MCC's Climate Policy Institute, presented climate change in a broader perspective, with special emphasis on how politics and politicians had an impact on the discussion about this phenomenon.
3/14/24, 9:41 AM

Undermining national identity through citizenship education

The European Parliament wants citizenship education to be a ‘policy priority at EU level.’

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