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12/18/21, 5:53 PM

MCC Podcast: Is it possible to connect conflict resolution theory and practice?

A conversation about crisis management and conflict resolution strategies with Dr. Piotr Pietrzak, an international relations and international law expert from Sofia.
12/10/21, 9:34 AM

Media Freedom in Hungary: A Nuanced View

There is a widespread view in the West that free media in Hungary under Viktor Orbán are greatly reduced, and that what remains of them are under immense political pressure. The truth is more complicated.
11/30/21, 8:18 PM

The law that will change Germany forever

Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) Greens and Liberals have agreed on a coalition government, and presented a programme. It contains a radical reform of migration policy that will change Germany forever.
12/6/21, 10:00 AM

Playing With Fire: the EU-Poland Legal Crisis

Poland has been in the spotlight of European media and public opinion in recent weeks. The country’s Constitutional Tribunal ruled on the 7th of October that some parts of EU law are inconsistent with the country’s constitution.
12/1/21, 9:49 AM

MCC Podcast: Little known aspects of migration

On November 23 Prof. Dr. Reinhard Merkel, Emeritus Professor of Criminal Law and Philosophy of Law at the University of Hamburg, gave a lecture on "The basic legal problems of migration and integration" at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium.
11/24/21, 4:19 PM

November 2021 Presidential and Snap Parliamentary Elections in Bulgaria

This time, the Votes & Seats podcast analysis of the MCC Center for Political Science endeavors to give an insight into Bulgaria’s third attempt in 2021 to elect a parliament as no party or alliance was able to form a government after the April and July ballots.
10/15/21, 10:48 AM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Czech Legislative Election, 2021

PhDr. Ladislav Cabada, vice-rector of the Metropolitan University Prague explained us the results of the Czech election to the House of Representatives held on 8 and 9 October. He gave us an overview of the most important campaign issues, described the main parties, elaborated the hardships of government formation, and discussed what the change in government could mean on the Czech EU policies and the Visegrad cooperation.
10/8/21, 8:51 AM
Author: Tibor Fischer

The Apes Are Bored

Bitcoin became legal tender in El Salvador this September. It’s what the faithful had predicted for several years, that not just individuals and businesses, but countries would drink deep of the original cryptocurrency. On the global scale, it matters little, but the legislation in El Salvador is an important test of whether Bitcoin can really function as a ‘remittance’ tool and can be useful on an everyday, going-to-the-corner-shop level.
10/4/21, 9:46 AM

Russian Legislative Election (2021)

Discussion about the recent Russian elections with Anton Bendarjevskiy.
9/27/21, 1:06 PM

Norwegian parliamentary election (2021)

Christer Daatland, a political scientist from Stavanger, Norway, gave us an insight into the Norwegian parliamentary elections held on 13 September.

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