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10/8/21, 8:51 AM
Author: Tibor Fischer

The Apes Are Bored

Bitcoin became legal tender in El Salvador this September. It’s what the faithful had predicted for several years, that not just individuals and businesses, but countries would drink deep of the original cryptocurrency. On the global scale, it matters little, but the legislation in El Salvador is an important test of whether Bitcoin can really function as a ‘remittance’ tool and can be useful on an everyday, going-to-the-corner-shop level.
10/15/21, 10:48 AM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Czech Legislative Election, 2021

PhDr. Ladislav Cabada, vice-rector of the Metropolitan University Prague explained us the results of the Czech election to the House of Representatives held on 8 and 9 October. He gave us an overview of the most important campaign issues, described the main parties, elaborated the hardships of government formation, and discussed what the change in government could mean on the Czech EU policies and the Visegrad cooperation.
10/4/21, 9:46 AM

Russian Legislative Election (2021)

Discussion about the recent Russian elections with Anton Bendarjevskiy.
9/27/21, 1:06 PM

Norwegian parliamentary election (2021)

Christer Daatland, a political scientist from Stavanger, Norway, gave us an insight into the Norwegian parliamentary elections held on 13 September.
9/24/21, 9:56 AM

Hungarian law on the protection of minors vs. European Commission: chronicle of a clash foretold?

Is there a firm legal base behind, as many claims, the ideologization of the EU? How did phrases like "European values" or "non-discrimination" become captive to certain ideologies instead of remaining decisive points of unity for the European community?
9/23/21, 5:31 PM
Author: Corvinák

What To Expect in the German Federal Election?

Discussion with Prof. Werner Patzelt, professor emeritus of the Technical University of Dresden and visiting fellow at MCC.
9/8/21, 9:15 AM
Author: Huub Ruël

What the West can learn from The Beggar

How can a statue save the West?
8/30/21, 2:42 PM

Snap parliamentary election in the Republic of Moldova - 2021

The latest edition of the MCC Votes & Seats podcast investigates the background and the possible outcomes of the July 2021 snap parliamentary election in the Republic of Moldova.
8/27/21, 9:19 AM

Is it still early for a V4 high-speed railway network (or are we already late)?

The publication of the preliminary feasibility study about the construction of the possible Hungarian sections of a future high-speed railway (HSR) line connecting the major cities of the Visegrád Four states has stirred up a lot of dust in the quiet summer holiday season. The case has been of concern to the public ever since V4 ministers decided in 2018 to explore the possibility of establishing an HSR link across the region. In the following, I address the issues most frequently raised by the Hungarian and international press in relation to the initiative, with the intention of listing open-minded and debatable arguments supporting the realization of Central East Europe’s most revolutionary transport project.
8/16/21, 8:11 AM

The EU needs more transparent rules to punish member states (A reply to Gerald Knaus)

Think tank founder Gerald Knaus proposes to fine Poland 5,2% billion Euros for not implementing an ECJ ruling. In fact, there are no clear rules for imposing fines. This must change.
8/11/21, 9:11 AM

The EU can break a member state if it chooses to

The EU can inflict murderous financial punishment on states who don’t implement rulings of the European Court of Justice. This instrument has never been used to really hurt a member state – but legally, it can. Poland may soon become the first country to feel the pain. The political consequences could be disastrous for all concerned, including the EU itself.

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