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9/19/22, 10:09 AM

European "Values" and the Resolution on Hungary

Von der Leyen wants a genuinely supranational EU in which supreme power will be wielded by the central organs of Brussels over member states and their electorates.
9/18/22, 10:29 AM

The colourful economies behind the Guinness stout

The word Guinness might just mean the ruby-red stout for most people around the world, but in the hearts and minds of Dubliners the word is filled with a much deeper importance as the Guinness family and their company has been at the centre of the city’s history since 1759.
9/17/22, 3:55 PM

MCC GeoPod: Is the NATO at War?

NATO member states support Ukraine in their war efforts by sending military aid and lethal weapons to the frontline.
9/15/22, 2:37 PM

MCC GeoPod: Alexandr Dugin - The Brain of the Kremlin?

Following the assasination of Darja Dugina in august, media outlets started to label her father Dugin, as the brain of the Kremlin.
8/26/22, 7:41 PM

MCC GeoPod: No end in sight - The six month overview of the conflict in Ukraine

It has been six months since the war has started in Ukraine, but there is no end in sight.
8/26/22, 10:30 AM

MCC Podcast: The Future of Europe: an Ongoing Debate (Peter Hefele)

With Europe facing a wide range of multi-layered political, economic, and societal challenges the debate on the future of the EU is seemingly of less importance today.
8/22/22, 10:15 AM

In search for Europe’s own interests (Klaus von Dohnanyi)

After the recent publication of his successful book entitled "National Interests in Times of Radical Change", we had the pleasure to discuss with Dr. Klaus von Dohnanyi to what extent common European interests exist despite different national opinions and whether the success of the European Union lies precisely in national differences.
8/19/22, 9:51 AM

Secular Privilege in America and Other Western Nations: The Social Assets that Few Want to Discuss

When secular parents send their children to public schools, they can be confident that teachers and circular content will impart their personal values to their, and other, children.
8/11/22, 9:34 AM

Cash or card – Why the question must remain open

Over the past decade, Sweden has been the best-known example of the social experiment aiming for the replacement of cash by bank cards and mobile apps.

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