3/4/21, 11:59 AM
Knowledge Center

Nationalism and The Core Idea of Americanism

While there has been a marked shift in focus on individual identity over the past decades, a critical and grounding element of the definition of oneself is the concept of nationhood and national identity. The theory of “nationhood,” however, is not merely where one is from, or even where their ancestors were from geographically, but is a far more intricate and nuanced conception.
3/3/21, 3:28 PM
Media School

EPP vs. Fidesz: Six observations

Fidesz has left the European People’s Party’s (EPP) parliamentary group. The two year long drama between the EU’s Christian-Democrat umbrella party and it’s strongest performing (in terms of electoral results) single member has thus essentially come to an end. What happened is in the news: Fidesz has left the EPP’s parliamentary group.
2/25/21, 9:50 AM

Introducing the Budapest Fellows (MCC Podcast)

Péter speaks to George Bogden and Stephen Sholl about their experiences in Hungary and the similarities (and differences) between Central Europe and the USA.
2/8/21, 10:05 AM
Knowledge Center

Big Techs and politics: the self-proclaimed fifth power

Do we want to sail those waters preserving our democracies or are we ready to trade our rights for a couple of clicks to a trust of “illuminated” Big Techs? By Rodrigo Ballester.
2/4/21, 4:20 PM

The future of the EU: messianic or pragmatic?

Our guest is the Head of the Centre for European Affairs at MCC, Rodrigo Ballester.
1/29/21, 1:02 PM
Knowledge Center

How the EU mismanaged its Covid vaccination campaign

Why are some non-EU countries better than the EU at vaccinating their citizens against the Covid virus? By Boris Kálnoky.
1/28/21, 9:23 AM

Ukraine: a country at war

In this episode we welcomed our first foreign guest, Dmytro Tuzhanskyi, Ukranian journalist and political analyst.
1/14/21, 2:45 PM

Truth is tyrannical (?)

In this episode Péter speaks to Rusty Reno, Editor of First Things magazine.
1/11/21, 12:27 PM
Knowledge Center

The art of the veto, the art of the deal

Now, as the "media noise" is dying away it's worth looking back to the Hungarian-Polish veto of 2020. Was it something actually extraordinary in the way the majority of the media coverage presented? Or not at all? A unique analysis by Rodrigo Ballester.
12/17/20, 1:23 PM

Post-Liberal? Post-Christian? New MCC Podcast with Gladden Pappin

In this podcast Péter speaks to Gladden Pappin, assistant professor of politics at the University of Dallas, co-founder and deputy editor of the American Affairs journal.
12/15/20, 11:13 AM
Knowledge Center

The Failure of Globalization and the Return of Nations

The pandemic has demonstrated all the limits of the open society without borders and underlined the importance of nations as entities capable of helping citizens in times of difficulty. A political analysis by Italian thinker and President of Nazione Futura, Francesco Giubilei.
12/10/20, 4:55 PM

Julius Krein - Why Did Trump Lose the Elections?

In this MCC Podcast our guest was Julius Krein, founder and editor of the journal American Affairs.
12/4/20, 9:30 AM
Knowledge Center

Why This Justice Matters

With all eyes focused on the ongoing disputes of the 2020 United States Presidential election, there is another battle taking shape before our eyes that is set to have a significant impact on both the legal and legislative branches for decades to come.
12/3/20, 3:16 PM

The Ethics of War Journalism

In this episode we spoke to the guest lecturer of our Media School, Julius Strauss, journalist, former war correspondent for The Telegraph.
11/30/20, 10:25 AM
Knowledge Center

The unknown Pacelli-list

Pius XII’s legacy: don’t let lies get in the way of a true story.
11/25/20, 6:50 PM
Knowledge Center

Grizzly Matrix: Does every bears look the same?

A small project in British Columbia using videos of grizzly bears and facial recognition technology looks set to lead to a remarkable breakthrough in bear science. A fascinating story by Julius Strauss.
11/25/20, 4:01 PM
Knowledge Center

Prince Charles and Transylvania's Hungarians

The member of the British Royal Family spoke about the Hungarian community in Transylvania in his speech at a Romanian-British diplomatic event.
11/24/20, 8:54 AM
Knowledge Center

Will a Biden Presidency lead to a Revitalized NATO?

After a bruising US presidential election season, the inauguration of a Joe Biden Administration on January 20th appears all but certain. Despite the antics of name-calling and mudslinging on both sides of the political aisle, the results of the 2020 election will have very important implications in how the United States will interact with long-standing multi-national institutions. It is widely felt within these institutions, that America has undermined, or even abandoned much of the international order over the last four years under President Trump.
11/23/20, 9:10 AM
Knowledge Center

BILD, Tabloid Journalism and Populism

Populism has become a dirty word in politics, although in its original meaning it should be an elementary democratic virtue. What the People (“populus”) want, expect, express, should be part of the political discussion in any democracy.
11/10/20, 4:22 PM
Knowledge Center

Inside Nanny Journalism

Media don’t always trust their readers to form “responsible” opinions. The result is something critics call “Nanny Journalism”, which not only informs, but tries to guide the public. A view from the inside.
11/9/20, 6:17 PM
Knowledge Center

A Devolutionary Change: How to solve America’s destructive polarization

The currently Hungary-based American author - a Junior Fellow of the Budapest Fellowship Program - analyzes the great social division around the US elections and proposes a possible, localist solution.
11/9/20, 8:55 AM
Knowledge Center

While Spain gently sinks - salami tactics at the shade of the pandemic

Spain is on its way to become a copy of Maduro's Communist Venezuela? Spanish political landscape by Rodrigo Ballester.
10/21/20, 2:00 PM
Knowledge Center

Islamist Separatism: Macron Unveils the Veil on Radical Islam in France

A comprehensive analysis of Macron's latest big speech on Islamist extremism in France by Rodrigo Ballester.
10/13/20, 3:37 PM
Knowledge Center

Je suis Quinn Simmons

A talented sportsman succinctly expressing its sympathy for Trump on social networks, a young men simply daring to contradict a sport journalist who felt morally superior to millions of American voters, a white person using a black hand? Rodrigo Ballester on the Simmons scandal.
10/1/20, 10:27 AM
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The Journalism I Want to Teach

7/2/20, 12:34 PM
Roma Talent Programme

Online training through students’ eyes

7/2/20, 11:49 AM
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Change management in practice