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8/3/21, 11:21 AM

Commission vs Hungary and Poland: some (strictly legal) observations

While the clash between the EU and Hungary on the law for the migration of minors still hits the news, let’s set the focus for a second on the strictly legal aspects of the controversy.
8/2/21, 4:57 PM

Bulgarian Snap Parliamentary Election

Bálint speaks to Piotr Pietrzak about the latest snap election in Bulgaria.
7/22/21, 11:25 AM
Author: Corvinák

NATO Summit 2021 - "China presents systemic challenges"

We discuss the current state of NATO and the recent Brussels summit with Péter Siklósi.
7/15/21, 11:07 AM
Author: Corvinák

Why Navalny wasn't shot in the head? - Chemical warfare in the 21st century

Conversation with Marc-Michael Blum chemical weapons expert.
7/13/21, 4:35 PM
Author: Bence Bauer

What is the problem with the German electoral system?

It was only this year that the German public realized that there were heated debates about the electoral system hardly known to the average German citizen. At the beginning of 2021, opposition groups filed a petition with the Constitutional Court challenging the reform of the German electoral system.
7/9/21, 10:02 AM
Author: Ilan Wurman

A Game for Thrones? The Prospects for Court Reform in the United States

Judicial confirmation battles have become particularly heated in the United States. Most recently, in April 2021, President Biden established a commission of legal scholars to examine the future of the Supreme Court.
7/8/21, 2:41 PM
Author: Corvinák

"Hungary has become our second home"

Interview with two fellows of the Budapest Fellowship Program.
7/7/21, 5:15 PM

Armenian parliamentary election

Bálint interviews Dr. Mikayel Zolyan Armenian political analyst and historian.
7/6/21, 9:42 AM
Author: Corvinák

"Hungarians in Transylvania could use a megaphone"

Current fellows of the Budapest Fellowship Program visited Transylvania between 13-17 June, 2021. During their stay, they had the chance to learn about the historical, political and cultural aspects of the past and present of Hungarians in Transylvania. We spoke with Nicole Nemeth, who has been conducting research on the rights of Hungarian minorities for the past ten months, focusing primarily on Transylvania. We were curious to know how she, as a researcher, lawyer and American citizen, sees issues such as autonomy, language and minority rights.
7/5/21, 9:24 AM

Cancel culture, the new European value

The European Council of 24-25 June 2021 was historical but not for the reasons you might think. Where some saw a vocal defence of “common values” against the umpteenth attack from the Hungarian government, others saw a worrying evolution amid the one-sided media noise: the official advent at the highest political level of cancel culture in the EU.
7/2/21, 7:54 AM
Author: Corvinák

What comes after liberalism?

Péter speaks to Patrick Deneen about liberalism, populists, new aristocracies and the of Christian liberty.

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