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9/19/23, 8:30 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: General election in Spain, 2023

Even if PP won, Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s right-wing conservative political party fell short of an absolute majority in the legislature.
9/15/23, 5:00 PM

“Bereft of Council” - A review of László Bernát Veszprémy’s book on the Jewish leadership in Hungary during the Holocaust in 1944-45

Approaching these events through the lens of the Jewish Councils allows the reader to observe the complexity of the Jewish community.
9/7/23, 9:08 PM

Singapore’s Bilingual Policy: Bridging cultures and driving progress

The bilingual policy in Singapore is one of the main cornerstones of its education system and an embodiment of its multicultural identity.
9/7/23, 9:05 PM
Author: Anna Csontos

Frontlines in Football

On the 7th of May 2023, tempers were running high at the DAC 1904 and Slovan Bratislava football match.
9/7/23, 8:59 PM

Why they hate St. Stephen’s Day fireworks

Europe’s largest fireworks display over the Danube, held each year to commemorate the establishment of Hungary as a Christian state over a millennium ago, is invariably a stunning spectacle.
9/4/23, 8:49 AM

MCC Podcast | Women Innovators in Educational Technology and Talent Management: Orna Kopolovich

This podcast episode focuses on female innovators in education, educational technology and talent management. It showcases their inspiring stories and the innovations they represent.
8/30/23, 1:35 PM

MCC Podcast | Diplomaci Podcast - Migration Patterns and Christian Communities in Danger

In this episode of the Diplomaci podcast, our expert, Calum Nicholson will tell us about his trip to Iraqi Kurdistan to discover the damaged fate of the persecuted Christian communities and what role the Danube Institute and Hungary Helps can play to help Christians in Europe and beyond.
8/25/23, 8:28 AM
Author: Bence Bauer

Attractive aspects - More and more Germans are moving to Hungary. What is the reason for this?

In recent years, the number of German citizens moving to Hungary permanently, not only for holiday, study or work, has been increasing. But why is this so? The motives behind this phenomenon are often personal, but it also stems from the realities of German society, or a set of them. This paper tries to unravel these factors.
8/1/23, 1:31 PM

America must confront its teen mental health crisis

As the long-term impact of COVID-19 restrictions is becoming apparent and the Western world finds itself in an age of economic, cultural and even physical uncertainty, new data suggests that the United States is facing a looming youth mental health disaster. What can be done to reverse the tide?
7/17/23, 11:09 AM

How do wellbeing activities help individuals with ADHD?

Every November and May, in the middle of the study blocks, the University of Utrecht organizes a so-called “Wellbeing week” to help students restore their energy for the upcoming exam season and to create awareness and stimulate an open conversation about well-being and vitality, through diverse activities.

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