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6/14/22, 10:38 AM

MCC Podcast: EU Sanctions Packages against Russia

In this edition of the MCC Pod-Vid series, Mr. Rodrigo Ballester, Head of the Centre for European Studies at Mathias Corvinus Collegium, helps us assess the process of elaboration, negotiations, and adoption of the 6th EU sanctions package against Russia.
5/30/22, 10:13 AM

The Decline and Fall of the World Expo

March 31st marked the end of the World Expo in Dubai. Officially the Expo 2020, the celebration was postponed due to Covid and couldn’t debut until October of last year.
5/16/22, 9:52 AM

An IPhone or a Poket in My Hand

The other day a friend took me to a vending machine selling pocket books.
5/13/22, 8:01 AM

Can we trust public opinion polls?

Public opinion polls are an important part of social research. They are actively used in social science, politics, and business. But can we perceive the outcomes of these polls as an indicator of the real moods and desires of society?
5/10/22, 2:16 PM

Ukraine, cyberwarfare and Anonymous: who is a (legitimate) target and who is neutral?

While Anonymous has declared to be “in cyber war” against Russia, each individual acting as Anonymous can become a legitimate target under international humanitarian law, also triggering co-belligerency status of countries from which they operate.
5/6/22, 12:34 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: 2022 Slovenian legislative election

This time, the Votes & Seats podcast focuses on the 24 April 2022 parliamentary election in Slovenia.
5/3/22, 10:29 AM

Ireland’s journey to the 15% corporate tax

For many years Ireland has been famous for its corporate tax rate of 12.5%, which has attracted numerous companies to move their headquarters to the beautiful country.
4/25/22, 7:33 PM

The Role of Commitment in Business Decisions

Before the first prototype of A380 aircraft was unveiled, Airbus had already secured more than 100 orders of A380.
4/21/22, 10:47 AM

MCC Podcast: Polémia | How to communicate effectively in a debate (Kelli Buzzard)

This podcast will be with a special guest, Kelli Buzzard who joined the Budapest Fellowship program last year.
4/20/22, 2:56 PM

Artificial versus Human Agency

Since the Dartmouth Workshop of 1956, when the term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) was coined, the field has experienced exponential development. Dreams of building machines capable of imitating, replicating or even surpassing human intelligence have been present throughout history.

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