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4/30/24, 10:53 AM

MCC Podcast: Building a Conservative Future for America

Saurabh Sharma is the president and co-founder of American Moment, an organization dedicated to helping young American conservatives build their careers and fill positions of influence.
4/23/24, 1:49 PM

Teachers should not be political activists

The politicisation of education produces ‘activist teachers’, pedagogues whose primary allegiance is to political progressivism rather than the transmission of knowledge.
6/19/23, 9:03 AM

MCC Podcast | Diplomaci Podcast: Realism in International Relations

How did the United States view foreign policy and what are the challenges of the 21st century that we experience in a new policentric world?
6/16/23, 3:44 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: 2023 Turkish Elections

From a European – and maybe even global – point of view, the Turkish elections definitely ranked among the most significant political events of May 2023.
6/12/23, 9:47 PM

MCC Podcast | Diplomaci Podcast: Generational Shifts in Diplomacy

The Mathias Corvinus Collegium hosted its two-day international conference aiming to discuss different perspectives on peace between 6-7 June.
6/8/23, 2:29 PM

MCC Podcast: Fellow Talks - A Borderless Experience: Transcarpathia and Transylvania in the Focus

The Budapest Fellows ventured to various towns and cities across the Carpathian Basin with the purpose of understanding the Hungarian nation as a whole.
5/30/23, 1:49 PM

Lost sense of reality? International courts and human rights

In the 21st century, everything appears to revolve around rights – human rights, fundamental rights, constitutional rights. But is a social and international order desirable in which all claims and interests are dressed as subjective rights, and when judging things, all other considerations (morality, religion, rationality, efficiency, public interest or even nature) are subordinated to the imperative of fundamental rights and rights-based reasoning? This, then, is the central query presented by Oxford University Emeritus Professor Nigel Biggar's book What's wrong with rights?.
5/22/23, 2:48 PM

MCC Podcast: Securing the Future of a Community - South African Practices and Prospects

In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Ernst Roets, a prominent writer, filmmaker, and defender of the Afrikaner (Boer) community, explores the practices and prospects of securing the future of a community in South Africa.
5/18/23, 11:14 AM

MCC Podcast: Fellow Talks - The Energy Crisis from a Transatlantic Eye

How can we make sound policy decisions?
5/13/23, 11:34 AM

Can “Islamic Finance” be a suitable tool to replace “conventional” securities in the future?

The Islamic financial system is experiencing significant growth with Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia being the dominant countries in terms of the concentration of Islamic assets. London serves as the center of Islamic finance in the Western world. Islamic banking encompasses various activities such as banking, leasing, securities market, equity market, and investment funds.
5/11/23, 9:46 PM

Comorbidity in ADHD

In the following, I would like to take a closer look at the high comorbidity of ADHD, as the background of social impairments can often be related to the combined effect of several disorders, which complicates the work of both researchers and clinicians in getting a better grasp at the disorder’s characteristics and diagnosing it.
5/11/23, 9:44 PM

Study support group for students with a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects both children and adults.

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