Knowledge base of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium
11/27/23, 10:53 AM

MCC TeoPod | Faith and Science: An Astronomer's Perspective

Is there a conflict between religion and science? Are we insignificant in the vastness of space? Is there life beyond Earth?
11/17/23, 10:13 AM

MCC Podcast: Is Europe's Youth Shifting Right?

Maks Woroszylo is the president of Adrenalin, the youth wing of the Alternative Democratic Reform Party in Luxembourg. In the October 2023 national election, his party received its highest ever share of the vote.
4/24/23, 9:08 AM

Votes & Seats Podcast: Early Parliamentary Election in Bulgaria, 2023

Exactly two years after the regular parliamentary election, on April 2nd, 2023, Bulgarians were called to the polls for the fifth time in a row to elect the representatives of the National Assembly. Since April 2021, due to the absence of sufficient electoral support and political will, all attempts failed to result in a long-term governing coalition.
4/21/23, 8:01 PM

MCC Podcast: Fellow Talks - A Reason to Stay

During these discussions, you get to know a new generation of the Budapest Fellowship program, conducted by the Hungary Foundation and the Mathias Corvinus Collegium.
4/21/23, 7:57 PM

Votes & Seats Podcast: Parliamentary Election in Finland, 2023

The latest Votes&Seats podcast episode focuses on the 2 April 2023 Finnish legislative election.
4/19/23, 7:55 AM

Family Policy from an Australian Perspective

Governments are always talking about families. This is partly because most people live in families and using family policies captures a large number of voters. But there are other reasons.
4/17/23, 9:17 AM

The Spirit of Borsod

For Hungarians, Borsod - a poorer region in northeastern Hungary - is what Mexiko is to most Americans.
4/14/23, 8:19 PM

Life in Budapest – better than Paris or Berlin

I grew up in Western Europe, but live and work in Budapest. Sometimes, Western friends ask me how it compares to other great cities I lived in – say, Paris or Berlin.
4/12/23, 9:53 AM

MCC Podcast - Fellow Talks: The First to Set Foot in Hungary

A handful of American fellows spend almost a year in Hungary to conduct research, teach, and immerse themselves in the history and culture of the nation.
3/28/23, 10:28 AM

MCC GeoPod | The Ukrainian Front: Exploring the Human Cost of Russia's War

In this episode of The MCC Geopod, the host engages in a deep and insightful conversation with two prominent geopolitical experts, Dr. Attila Demkó and Mr. Ruslan Bortnik about Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, which began in 2022 and has continued into 2023.
3/27/23, 3:43 PM

Another Europe is emerging from the rubble of the Brussels techno EU, but when will the world really change?

The war brought Europe into the era of geopolitics under threat.
3/27/23, 10:32 AM

MCC GeoPod: The Current State of Serbia-Kosovo Relations

The issue of Kosovo continues to be a divisive one in both the Balkans and international politics.

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