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7/4/24, 9:46 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: A Republic in Crisis - The French Elections

The first round of the French elections delivered a powerful victory to Marine Le Pen and a humiliating defeat for French President Emmanual Macron.
7/2/24, 8:13 PM

What are universities for?

The continued existence of universities belies the fundamental changes that have occurred over the course of a millennia. The number of universities and students has increased exponentially and their purpose and cultural significance has been transformed.
6/20/24, 7:57 PM

What Economic Objectives Does Hungary's Southern Opening Policy Serve?

The analysis aims to explore the economic objectives that Hungary's Southern Opening Policy may serve for its economy. To achieve this understanding, the analysis will delve into the Southern Opening Policy, examining its background, implementation strategies, and potential economic impacts on the Hungarian economy.
6/12/24, 8:35 PM

The Crisis of Socialisation

Socialisation is the process by which children are taught to behave in ways that meet the expectations of society.
5/27/24, 1:01 PM

Children do not need lessons in mental health

For more than a decade, teachers, counselors, and school psychologists have all been playing shrink.
5/27/24, 3:13 AM

Ethiopia's Development Journey and the Tigray Conflict

This article explores Ethiopia's developmental trajectory, scrutinizing its geopolitical, ethical, and political challenges, all of which significantly impede its economic advancement. The (de)stability of Ethiopia doesn't just influence the East African region; it also has a significant impact on the entire African continent, given that it serves as the central state of the African Union, with its headquarters located here.
5/2/24, 3:09 PM

In Defence of Standards

The determination of parents to secure a place for their child at a good school suggests that, among the general public at least, high educational standards are valued. However, among teachers, policy-makers and educational theorists, there is disagreement about the meaning of standards and little consensus that securing high standards is an important aim for schools.
4/30/24, 10:53 AM

MCC Podcast: Building a Conservative Future for America

Saurabh Sharma is the president and co-founder of American Moment, an organization dedicated to helping young American conservatives build their careers and fill positions of influence.
4/23/24, 1:49 PM

Teachers should not be political activists

The politicisation of education produces ‘activist teachers’, pedagogues whose primary allegiance is to political progressivism rather than the transmission of knowledge.
4/23/24, 1:38 PM

MCC Podcast: Asia Meets Hungary - Learning from Asia project: Indonesian Student in Hungary

Podcast with Bimba – Fourth episode with Rizvika: Studying as an Indonesian PhD student in Hungary and reflecting on both Hungarian and Indonesian education.

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