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9/8/21, 9:15 AM
Author: Huub Ruël

What the West can learn from The Beggar

How can a statue save the West?
8/30/21, 2:42 PM

Snap parliamentary election in the Republic of Moldova - 2021

The latest edition of the MCC Votes & Seats podcast investigates the background and the possible outcomes of the July 2021 snap parliamentary election in the Republic of Moldova.
8/16/21, 8:11 AM

The EU needs more transparent rules to punish member states (A reply to Gerald Knaus)

Think tank founder Gerald Knaus proposes to fine Poland 5,2% billion Euros for not implementing an ECJ ruling. In fact, there are no clear rules for imposing fines. This must change.
8/11/21, 9:11 AM

The EU can break a member state if it chooses to

The EU can inflict murderous financial punishment on states who don’t implement rulings of the European Court of Justice. This instrument has never been used to really hurt a member state – but legally, it can. Poland may soon become the first country to feel the pain. The political consequences could be disastrous for all concerned, including the EU itself.
8/9/21, 8:52 AM
Author: Corvinák

"You can live happily without sex but you cannot live without meaning"

Péter speaks to Dennis Prager, radio show host, writer, and founder of Prager University.
8/5/21, 8:47 AM
Author: Corvinák

Catholic Social Teaching: a New Model for Business Diplomacy?

Péter speaks to Huub Rüel, Visiting Fellow at MCC and expert on business diplomacy.
8/3/21, 11:21 AM

Commission vs Hungary and Poland: some (strictly legal) observations

While the clash between the EU and Hungary on the law for the migration of minors still hits the news, let’s set the focus for a second on the strictly legal aspects of the controversy.
8/2/21, 4:57 PM

Bulgarian Snap Parliamentary Election

Bálint speaks to Piotr Pietrzak about the latest snap election in Bulgaria.
7/22/21, 11:25 AM
Author: Corvinák

NATO Summit 2021 - "China presents systemic challenges"

We discuss the current state of NATO and the recent Brussels summit with Péter Siklósi.
7/15/21, 11:07 AM
Author: Corvinák

Why Navalny wasn't shot in the head? - Chemical warfare in the 21st century

Conversation with Marc-Michael Blum chemical weapons expert.
7/13/21, 4:35 PM
Author: Bence Bauer

What is the problem with the German electoral system?

It was only this year that the German public realized that there were heated debates about the electoral system hardly known to the average German citizen. At the beginning of 2021, opposition groups filed a petition with the Constitutional Court challenging the reform of the German electoral system.

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