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10/24/23, 10:32 AM

Viktor Orbán – Rebel, loser, winner?

On June 16th, 1989, a young man named Viktor Orbán held a speech watched by hundreds of thousands of his compatriots. The occasion was the reburial of Imre Nagy, who as a Prime Minister had been the leader of Hungary’s 1956 uprising against the Soviets.
10/13/23, 9:06 AM

How I got Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield to admit that the Rule of Law Mechanism is a political instrument

On Wednesday, 11th October I sat on a remarkable podium at the „Budapest Forum”, a conference organized by the City of Budapest, run by mayor Gergely Karácsony, in order to combat „authoritarianism” and „defend democracy”.
4/17/23, 9:17 AM

The Spirit of Borsod

For Hungarians, Borsod - a poorer region in northeastern Hungary - is what Mexiko is to most Americans.
4/14/23, 8:19 PM

Life in Budapest – better than Paris or Berlin

I grew up in Western Europe, but live and work in Budapest. Sometimes, Western friends ask me how it compares to other great cities I lived in – say, Paris or Berlin.
1/11/23, 2:07 PM

It’s time to take Germany’s Left seriously

Germany’s ruling Greens and Social Democrats are becoming adept at capturing formal and informal domestic power bases.
12/29/22, 11:50 PM

What would happen if Orbán did what Germany just did?

While Hungary stands accused of „Rule of Law” deficiencies, Germany’s leftwing goverment has just passed a law that may well end up costing citizens their jobs, if they disagree with the government.
11/9/22, 3:43 PM

A Literary Look at Germany’s Political Parties

Words don’t come easy when trying to understand the ever more chaotic political landscape in Germany. Maybe it helps to compare some parties to works of literature.
10/8/22, 9:08 AM

Russia: Orbán’s strategic shift

There is a widespread view that Hungary’s relations with Russia are so close that they represent a betrayal of the „West”, the EU and Nato.
2/7/22, 8:00 AM

Playing Cluedo with the EU

A major effort is underway to create a more „federal” EU. Officials will deny, but like in the detective game „Cluedo”, there are hints.
8/16/21, 8:11 AM

The EU needs more transparent rules to punish member states (A reply to Gerald Knaus)

Think tank founder Gerald Knaus proposes to fine Poland 5,2% billion Euros for not implementing an ECJ ruling. In fact, there are no clear rules for imposing fines. This must change.
8/11/21, 9:11 AM

The EU can break a member state if it chooses to

The EU can inflict murderous financial punishment on states who don’t implement rulings of the European Court of Justice. This instrument has never been used to really hurt a member state – but legally, it can. Poland may soon become the first country to feel the pain. The political consequences could be disastrous for all concerned, including the EU itself.
6/29/21, 9:50 AM

Can Free Media be a Danger to Freedom of Expression?

It’s never good when media freedom is supressed. But can the media themselves suppress freedom of speech? A leading German pollster thinks they do.
5/21/21, 8:55 AM

Political violence in Germany

German authorities began tracking „politically motivated crime” in 2001. In 2020, more such crimes were registered than in any year before. Social tensions are rising.
4/13/21, 9:33 AM

Prince Philip: The Passing of an Era

Not a man has passed away, but an era. The era of that type of Britishness. The end of the spirit says „Keep calm and carry on”.
3/22/21, 4:02 PM

Life after the EPP: A simple equation for Fidesz

The recent mediastorm around Fidesz's resignation from EPP has gone. But what're the next steps for Orbán?
1/29/21, 1:02 PM

How the EU mismanaged its Covid vaccination campaign

Why are some non-EU countries better than the EU at vaccinating their citizens against the Covid virus? By Boris Kálnoky.
11/23/20, 9:10 AM
Author: Corvinák

BILD, Tabloid Journalism and Populism

Populism has become a dirty word in politics, although in its original meaning it should be an elementary democratic virtue. What the People (“populus”) want, expect, express, should be part of the political discussion in any democracy.

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