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7/4/24, 9:46 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: A Republic in Crisis - The French Elections

The first round of the French elections delivered a powerful victory to Marine Le Pen and a humiliating defeat for French President Emmanual Macron.
4/30/24, 10:53 AM

MCC Podcast: Building a Conservative Future for America

Saurabh Sharma is the president and co-founder of American Moment, an organization dedicated to helping young American conservatives build their careers and fill positions of influence.
4/23/24, 1:38 PM

MCC Podcast: Asia Meets Hungary - Learning from Asia project: Indonesian Student in Hungary

Podcast with Bimba – Fourth episode with Rizvika: Studying as an Indonesian PhD student in Hungary and reflecting on both Hungarian and Indonesian education.
4/12/24, 8:22 AM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Legislative Election in Portugal, 2024

With the most appreciated contribution of Mr. Alexandre de Sousa Carvalho from the University of Coimbra, the Votes&Seats podcast series gladly issues its episode on the March 2024 Portuguese early legislative election.
3/22/24, 9:35 AM

MCC Podcast | Asia Meets Hungary - Learning from Asia project: Filipino Student in Hungary

Bimba, a junior researcher of the "Learning from Asia" project, is hosting a podcast featuring Asian PhD students in Hungary.
3/18/24, 2:43 PM

MCC Podcast: DIPLOMACI | The Role of Politics on Climate Change

In the second part of this episode of the DiploMaci Podcast, dr. Calum Nicholson, the Director of MCC's Climate Policy Institute, presented climate change in a broader perspective, with special emphasis on how politics and politicians had an impact on the discussion about this phenomenon.
1/25/24, 1:14 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Legislative Election in Serbia, 2023

This time, we discuss the background, the outcome and the possible repercussions of the legislative, regional, and local elections that took place in Serbia on the 17th of December, 2023.
12/28/23, 9:26 AM

MCC Podcast: DIPLOMACI | Climate Migration I - A General Introduction to this Research Field

In this episode of the DiploMaci Podcast, dr. Calum Nicholson, the Research manager at MCC's Climate Policy Institute, will be discussing the topic of his brand-new book titled ,,Climate Migration. Critical perspectives for Law, Policy and Research".
11/28/23, 4:17 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: General Election in the Netherlands, 2023

This time, we talked about the November 2023 Dutch early general elections with Mr. Dave van Ginhoven from the Hague University of Applied Sciences.
11/27/23, 10:53 AM

MCC TeoPod | Faith and Science: An Astronomer's Perspective

Is there a conflict between religion and science? Are we insignificant in the vastness of space? Is there life beyond Earth?
11/17/23, 10:13 AM

MCC Podcast: Is Europe's Youth Shifting Right?

Maks Woroszylo is the president of Adrenalin, the youth wing of the Alternative Democratic Reform Party in Luxembourg. In the October 2023 national election, his party received its highest ever share of the vote.
11/14/23, 1:39 PM

MCC Podcast: Liberalism and woke: a podcast with Prof. Andreas Kinneging

In this episode of the MCC Podcasts, our distinguished guest, Prof. Andreas Kinneging, professor at the University of Leiden, will be discussing liberalism and its relationship with woke.
11/8/23, 9:59 AM

MCC GeoPod: Terrorism and the Gaza War

Although there is no universal definition of terrorism, it has emerged as one of the world's most serious concerns.
10/27/23, 12:20 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: The 2023 Polish legislative election

Leading EU and member state politicians and political commentators closely observed the election campaign in Poland in recent months. Indeed, the stake of the October election was high and centred around the question whether Law and Justice (PiS) would stay in power, or the opposition would finally succeed in gaining power after eight years.
10/11/23, 10:03 AM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Early parliamentary election in Slovakia, 2023

After several years of political crisis, the cards are reshuffled in the Slovak National Council.
9/19/23, 8:30 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: General election in Spain, 2023

Even if PP won, Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s right-wing conservative political party fell short of an absolute majority in the legislature.
9/4/23, 8:49 AM

MCC Podcast | Women Innovators in Educational Technology and Talent Management: Orna Kopolovich

This podcast episode focuses on female innovators in education, educational technology and talent management. It showcases their inspiring stories and the innovations they represent.
8/30/23, 1:35 PM

MCC Podcast | Diplomaci Podcast - Migration Patterns and Christian Communities in Danger

In this episode of the Diplomaci podcast, our expert, Calum Nicholson will tell us about his trip to Iraqi Kurdistan to discover the damaged fate of the persecuted Christian communities and what role the Danube Institute and Hungary Helps can play to help Christians in Europe and beyond.
7/10/23, 9:04 PM

Parliamentary elections in Greece, 2023 (Votes & Seats S03E05)

This time, we talked about the background, the circumstances, and the outcome of the 21 May and the subsequent 25 June legislative elections that took place in Greece.
6/19/23, 9:03 AM

MCC Podcast | Diplomaci Podcast: Realism in International Relations

How did the United States view foreign policy and what are the challenges of the 21st century that we experience in a new policentric world?
6/16/23, 3:44 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: 2023 Turkish Elections

From a European – and maybe even global – point of view, the Turkish elections definitely ranked among the most significant political events of May 2023.
6/12/23, 9:47 PM

MCC Podcast | Diplomaci Podcast: Generational Shifts in Diplomacy

The Mathias Corvinus Collegium hosted its two-day international conference aiming to discuss different perspectives on peace between 6-7 June.
5/18/23, 11:14 AM

MCC Podcast: Fellow Talks - The Energy Crisis from a Transatlantic Eye

How can we make sound policy decisions?
5/11/23, 9:31 PM

MCC Podcast: The Family Down Under - Australia's Family Policy

If you have every wondered what people think about the nuclear family down under, this MCC podcast episode is for you!
5/8/23, 9:02 AM

MCC Podcast | Diplomaci Podcast - Are Things Going South in America? Political Landscape Analysis

Welcome to the first instalment of the Diplomaci podcast where we analyse international politics from a Hungarian point of view.
5/4/23, 9:36 PM

MCC Podcast: The Politics in Hollywood

Where did the story of the “Dream Factory” begin? How did early productions reflect on world politics, and were they deliberately used by U.S. politicians?
4/26/23, 9:56 PM

MCC Podcast: Fellow Talks - The Language that Connects us

In our latest discussion, you get to hear the story of Luke Larson, current BFP fellow, who has managed to achieve a much higher mastery of Hungarian than his fellow partners.
4/24/23, 9:08 AM

Votes & Seats Podcast: Early Parliamentary Election in Bulgaria, 2023

Exactly two years after the regular parliamentary election, on April 2nd, 2023, Bulgarians were called to the polls for the fifth time in a row to elect the representatives of the National Assembly. Since April 2021, due to the absence of sufficient electoral support and political will, all attempts failed to result in a long-term governing coalition.
4/21/23, 8:01 PM

MCC Podcast: Fellow Talks - A Reason to Stay

During these discussions, you get to know a new generation of the Budapest Fellowship program, conducted by the Hungary Foundation and the Mathias Corvinus Collegium.
4/21/23, 7:57 PM

Votes & Seats Podcast: Parliamentary Election in Finland, 2023

The latest Votes&Seats podcast episode focuses on the 2 April 2023 Finnish legislative election.
4/12/23, 9:53 AM

MCC Podcast - Fellow Talks: The First to Set Foot in Hungary

A handful of American fellows spend almost a year in Hungary to conduct research, teach, and immerse themselves in the history and culture of the nation.
3/28/23, 10:28 AM

MCC GeoPod | The Ukrainian Front: Exploring the Human Cost of Russia's War

In this episode of The MCC Geopod, the host engages in a deep and insightful conversation with two prominent geopolitical experts, Dr. Attila Demkó and Mr. Ruslan Bortnik about Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, which began in 2022 and has continued into 2023.
3/27/23, 10:32 AM

MCC GeoPod: The Current State of Serbia-Kosovo Relations

The issue of Kosovo continues to be a divisive one in both the Balkans and international politics.
3/23/23, 8:01 PM

MCC Podcast: Beyond the Division: The Rainbow Nation's Future Prospects

Is the nation of Nelson Mandela still a great example to the rest of the world?
3/21/23, 7:38 AM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Parliamentary election in Estonia, 2023

Estonia is a rather unique country located in the intersection of the Scandinavian, Baltic, and Central East European regions.
3/6/23, 2:52 AM

MCC Podcast: A Different Approach to Energy Policy and Climate Protection

How can energy policy reach all the goals of climate protection, affordable energy prices and supply reliability at the same time?
2/23/23, 9:20 AM

MCC Podcast: University Performance Assessment from the Aspect of Global Rankings

Today, higher education systems are influenced by global university rankings.
2/21/23, 1:03 PM

MCC Podcast: Hostile Environment? – Religion and Academia in the United States

What are typical examples of hostility experienced by Christian students and academics in the United States?
1/12/23, 9:43 AM

MCC GeoPod: The Land of Abraham - who has it now?

In this episode of the Geopod podcast, the focus is on the geopolitics of Israel.
1/5/23, 5:56 PM

MCC Podcast: International development cooperation from a German perspective

In this podcast we discussed with Frank Spengler, advisor of our Institute, international development cooperation, the role of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the the values that should be imported.
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