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9/15/23, 5:00 PM

“Bereft of Council” - A review of László Bernát Veszprémy’s book on the Jewish leadership in Hungary during the Holocaust in 1944-45

Approaching these events through the lens of the Jewish Councils allows the reader to observe the complexity of the Jewish community.
9/7/23, 9:08 PM

Singapore’s Bilingual Policy: Bridging cultures and driving progress

The bilingual policy in Singapore is one of the main cornerstones of its education system and an embodiment of its multicultural identity.
9/7/23, 9:05 PM
Author: Anna Csontos

Frontlines in Football

On the 7th of May 2023, tempers were running high at the DAC 1904 and Slovan Bratislava football match.
9/7/23, 8:59 PM

Why they hate St. Stephen’s Day fireworks

Europe’s largest fireworks display over the Danube, held each year to commemorate the establishment of Hungary as a Christian state over a millennium ago, is invariably a stunning spectacle.
8/25/23, 8:28 AM
Author: Bence Bauer

Attractive aspects - More and more Germans are moving to Hungary. What is the reason for this?

In recent years, the number of German citizens moving to Hungary permanently, not only for holiday, study or work, has been increasing. But why is this so? The motives behind this phenomenon are often personal, but it also stems from the realities of German society, or a set of them. This paper tries to unravel these factors.
8/1/23, 1:31 PM

America must confront its teen mental health crisis

As the long-term impact of COVID-19 restrictions is becoming apparent and the Western world finds itself in an age of economic, cultural and even physical uncertainty, new data suggests that the United States is facing a looming youth mental health disaster. What can be done to reverse the tide?
7/17/23, 11:09 AM

How do wellbeing activities help individuals with ADHD?

Every November and May, in the middle of the study blocks, the University of Utrecht organizes a so-called “Wellbeing week” to help students restore their energy for the upcoming exam season and to create awareness and stimulate an open conversation about well-being and vitality, through diverse activities.
7/17/23, 11:08 AM

The association between emotion dysregulation and aggression in ADHD

Only a few studies have investigated the co-occurrence of ADHD, ED, and aggression simultaneously.
6/8/23, 2:29 PM

MCC Podcast: Fellow Talks - A Borderless Experience: Transcarpathia and Transylvania in the Focus

The Budapest Fellows ventured to various towns and cities across the Carpathian Basin with the purpose of understanding the Hungarian nation as a whole.
5/30/23, 1:49 PM

Lost sense of reality? International courts and human rights

In the 21st century, everything appears to revolve around rights – human rights, fundamental rights, constitutional rights. But is a social and international order desirable in which all claims and interests are dressed as subjective rights, and when judging things, all other considerations (morality, religion, rationality, efficiency, public interest or even nature) are subordinated to the imperative of fundamental rights and rights-based reasoning? This, then, is the central query presented by Oxford University Emeritus Professor Nigel Biggar's book What's wrong with rights?.
5/22/23, 2:48 PM

MCC Podcast: Securing the Future of a Community - South African Practices and Prospects

In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Ernst Roets, a prominent writer, filmmaker, and defender of the Afrikaner (Boer) community, explores the practices and prospects of securing the future of a community in South Africa.
5/13/23, 11:34 AM

Can “Islamic Finance” be a suitable tool to replace “conventional” securities in the future?

The Islamic financial system is experiencing significant growth with Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia being the dominant countries in terms of the concentration of Islamic assets. London serves as the center of Islamic finance in the Western world. Islamic banking encompasses various activities such as banking, leasing, securities market, equity market, and investment funds.
5/11/23, 9:46 PM

Comorbidity in ADHD

In the following, I would like to take a closer look at the high comorbidity of ADHD, as the background of social impairments can often be related to the combined effect of several disorders, which complicates the work of both researchers and clinicians in getting a better grasp at the disorder’s characteristics and diagnosing it.
5/11/23, 9:44 PM

Study support group for students with a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects both children and adults.
5/8/23, 11:31 AM

Brussels' Messianic Reflex

To what extent does the European Union have competence for sex education of minors in Hungary? On what legal basis does the EU claim that it can challenge this law?
5/1/23, 10:02 PM

The role of the Hungarian-Italian bilateral relationship in (re)building the Central European Initiative

This article provides an introduction to an ongoing research project in the framework of the MCC Fellowship Programme, which analyses the common interests and challenges of Hungary and Italy, aiming to show how can these main founders of the Central European Initiative be an engine of this regional cooperation even at the current period of geopolitical changes.
4/26/23, 11:13 PM

The Basis and Importance of the Forming Hungarian-Italian Space Cooperation

The importance of the space sector is exponentially growing, and in the intensifying space competition, it is essential to unite the strength of European nations, based on the success of bilateral space cooperations. By recently signing a Memorandum of Understanding, Hungary and Italy aims to develop this cooperation, opening a beneficial common future perspective. This article aims to present and summarise the basis and potential of this relationship.
4/19/23, 7:55 AM

Family Policy from an Australian Perspective

Governments are always talking about families. This is partly because most people live in families and using family policies captures a large number of voters. But there are other reasons.
4/17/23, 9:17 AM

The Spirit of Borsod

For Hungarians, Borsod - a poorer region in northeastern Hungary - is what Mexiko is to most Americans.
4/14/23, 8:19 PM

Life in Budapest – better than Paris or Berlin

I grew up in Western Europe, but live and work in Budapest. Sometimes, Western friends ask me how it compares to other great cities I lived in – say, Paris or Berlin.
3/27/23, 3:43 PM

Another Europe is emerging from the rubble of the Brussels techno EU, but when will the world really change?

The war brought Europe into the era of geopolitics under threat.
3/25/23, 10:14 PM

Mindfulness intervention techniques and their application among adolescents and university students – with an outlook on individuals with ADHD -

In the following studies I try to present various topics regarding both ADHD and ED in order to gain a better understanding on the phenomenon.
3/6/23, 10:44 AM

Right-wing union: what is happening in other democracies?

The 'respectable' right, as a result of the cultural and intellectual hegemony of the centre-left, inevitably moved towards the centre of the political spectrum.
3/2/23, 10:02 PM

The game of life: on the playful elements in human behaviour

For some time I have been thinking about the presence of playful elements in human behaviour that, at first glance, have little to do with play itself as we perform or observe it.
2/21/23, 2:34 PM

Central an Eastern Europe and the Anglo-Saxon world viewed in four master-pieces of English and German literature

It is worth exploring literature in order to search some kind of help, if not proper explanations, to the current conflict in Europe.
2/16/23, 8:20 PM
Author: Heinz Theisen

Self-assertion in globalization – The West must embrace the new reality of self limitation

The will for self-assertion in the Western world seems to be weakening, and this is particularly true for Germany and the German social elite, from higher education to the media and parliaments. Instead of asserting themselves, they were busy criticising and disrupting our culture and interests.
2/13/23, 9:04 AM

The EU is making a huge mistake by excluding Hungarian students from Erasmus+ funding

Young Hungarians will vent their anger on the Brussels bureaucracy instead of the country’s maverick government.
2/12/23, 3:06 PM

Why we should all follow the debate around Australia Day

An angry debate raging 15,000 kilometres from Budapest is instructive of the Left’s efforts to discredit and hollow out our shared moments of national remembrance.
1/30/23, 6:00 AM
Author: Song Lilei

Hungary's choice between China- EU relations: a "ferry country"

The complexity of the EU's policy toward China is becoming increasingly prominent. First,with China's economic output exceeding that of the 27 EU countries combined, Europe increasingly sees China as a major economic and technological competitor.
1/25/23, 6:00 AM

Discovering the Wheel: Classical Legal Solutions to the Problems of the Information Age

Despite the constant changes around us, some things remain the same. Human beings still fall in love and, as we are reminded recently, we also fall in war. It is still easier to fill a stadium to watch a football match than to hear a lecture about law. And Europeans still have long memories of the past while Americans have long visions of the future.
1/23/23, 12:41 PM
Author: Eric Hendriks

Chinese Political Thought Between Nation and World

Since modernity entered China in the mid-nineteenth century, national empowerment has stood at the heart of Chinese political thought. It has been modern China's central political objective to acquire national “wealth and power” (富强). It is the central motif in Xi Jinping’s speeches and animated the reform movement of Deng Xiaoping, the Stalinist regime of Mao Zedong, and the writings of earlier modernizing intellectuals such as Kang Youwei, Liang Qiqao, and Chen Duxiu. The phrase “wealth and power” may sound very materialistic, but both sides have a spiritual dimension. China is also to become spiritually prosperous, while power is also the power to interpret and judge things independently. Dignity is crucial. China does not want to be a peripheral, underdeveloped, and abused corner of a world where Western powers, and America in particular, call the shots politically and set the standards ideologically and culturally. No, the Chinese nation should be able to face the world with pride and confidence.
1/17/23, 9:08 AM

Germany’s Military has a Problem: Its Soldiers

Germany wants to add 20.000 soldiers to its armed forces by 2031. That may well prove to be impossible.
1/11/23, 2:07 PM

It’s time to take Germany’s Left seriously

Germany’s ruling Greens and Social Democrats are becoming adept at capturing formal and informal domestic power bases.
1/6/23, 8:55 AM

What the Greater Idaho Movement reveals about our divided societies

If Greater Idaho Movement campaigners have their way, the Gem State could become the first to gain substantial territory at the expense of another U.S. state. The grassroots organization looking to relocate 15 counties from eastern Oregon into conservative Idaho is clearly gaining momentum.
1/6/23, 6:40 AM

The dangerous politicisation of the EU budget

The European Union readily perceives itself as an organisation unable to command the respect of its member states, an entity with no real powers to enforce its decisions.
1/3/23, 1:02 PM

Behind QatarGate: the octopus of Islamist infiltration into the European Institutions

Qatar Gate is the name of an unprecedented scandal in the European bubble.
12/29/22, 11:50 PM

What would happen if Orbán did what Germany just did?

While Hungary stands accused of „Rule of Law” deficiencies, Germany’s leftwing goverment has just passed a law that may well end up costing citizens their jobs, if they disagree with the government.
12/22/22, 8:47 PM

The War on Christmas revisited

In Hungary, even the communists failed to completely eradicate Christmas from the festive calendar. Across the contemporary West, however, the Christian religious and cultural celebration is steadily being pushed back into an obscure corner of private life.
12/8/22, 9:38 AM

Hungary, Europe's sentinel

To be right against all odds, to see the grass grow before others, to look at the moon when others look at the finger pointing at it. This seems to be the fate of this country, and of Central Europe in general.
12/2/22, 8:50 AM

Trans totalitarianism: the most sordid face of gender nihilism

In the crowded woke galaxy there are plenty of delirious ideologies but none has a DNA as totalitarian as that of the "trans" collective.
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