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7/6/21, 9:42 AM
Author: Corvinák

"Hungarians in Transylvania could use a megaphone"

Current fellows of the Budapest Fellowship Program visited Transylvania between 13-17 June, 2021. During their stay, they had the chance to learn about the historical, political and cultural aspects of the past and present of Hungarians in Transylvania. We spoke with Nicole Nemeth, who has been conducting research on the rights of Hungarian minorities for the past ten months, focusing primarily on Transylvania. We were curious to know how she, as a researcher, lawyer and American citizen, sees issues such as autonomy, language and minority rights.
3/17/21, 9:35 AM
Author: Heltai Péter

“Companies, governments come and go. Literature remains”

Interview with the head of MCC's new Center for Literature, novelist Tibor Fischer.
11/25/20, 4:01 PM

Prince Charles and Transylvania's Hungarians

The member of the British Royal Family spoke about the Hungarian community in Transylvania in his speech at a Romanian-British diplomatic event.
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