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3/21/23, 7:38 AM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Parliamentary election in Estonia, 2023

Estonia is a rather unique country located in the intersection of the Scandinavian, Baltic, and Central East European regions.
3/6/23, 10:44 AM

Right-wing union: what is happening in other democracies?

The 'respectable' right, as a result of the cultural and intellectual hegemony of the centre-left, inevitably moved towards the centre of the political spectrum.
11/24/22, 7:40 PM

A Scholar’s Ten Commandments

As a researcher, teacher, and writer, I always felt that scholarly life must be approached with a consciously chosen attitude.
11/24/22, 11:44 AM

Ocean Viking: Europe in the infernal spiral of its hypocrisies

The time has come to ask the question of repatriating to the national level certain competences in the field of migration, particularly concerning border control.
11/24/22, 11:31 AM

MCC GeoPod: What the Chinese think about Hungarians

On this episode, the discussion revolves around China, Hungary, and the European Union. Our guest, Dr. Song Lilei, who is a Professor at the School of Political Science and International Relations at Tongji University and visiting fellow at MCC, shares her views on China's perception of the European Union and vice versa.
11/21/22, 9:39 AM

MCC GeoPod: "There were riots in America just when things were getting better"

This episode of the MCC GeoPod covers a gripping discussion about the Unites States’ foreign policy strategy with Dr. Mark Milosch who worked for a long time in foreign affairs for the U.S. Congress.
11/20/22, 10:19 AM

Turkey’s plans to fight climate change as it marks the anniversary of ratifying the Paris Agreement

Nearly 5 years after the Turkish parliament signed The Paris Agreement, the treaty was ratified on the 6th of October 2021, according to the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Now the country is ready to declare its goals to take part in the international collaboration against climate change.
11/18/22, 10:05 AM

Thunbergism: Could Greta’s communist moment spell the beginning of the end?

The Swedish climate activist is transforming from a walking exclamation mark into an icon of the anti-capitalist Left. But by doing so, she risks losing her appeal to the moderate majority.
11/16/22, 11:33 AM

The Leader as an Authority: On the Difference between Authoritarian and Authoritative Leadership

In the contemporary world, while reading newspaper comments or political analyses, we repeatedly encounter certain key concepts. These terms are consciously introduced with the express aim of setting the general tone of a given publication. Among the preferred notions proposed by prominent journalists of our time, two receive a particular attention: authoritarian and authoritative.
11/9/22, 3:43 PM

A Literary Look at Germany’s Political Parties

Words don’t come easy when trying to understand the ever more chaotic political landscape in Germany. Maybe it helps to compare some parties to works of literature.
11/9/22, 10:50 AM

The Death of Duty

Duty, that is the principle that a person holds certain obligations or responsibilities which cannot be voluntarily removed, has been one of the many principles forcefully ejected by the West in the 20th and 21st century.
11/6/22, 8:27 AM

Hungarian ancestry: a shared starting point

During and after World War II, and again after 1956, the Széchényi family had little option but to flee their homeland.

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