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1/8/24, 9:59 AM

Singapore’s Green Architecture

Singapore, a vibrant city recognized for its cutting-edge infrastructure, has been making huge efforts in the field of green architecture.
1/8/24, 9:56 AM

The excellence of Changi Airport

Singapore's Changi Airport is an example of how innovation, efficiency, and customer-centric design can come together in the aviation industry. One of the most well-known airports in the world, Changi has gained recognition and respect for continuously setting the bar for the passenger experience.
4/14/23, 8:19 PM

Life in Budapest – better than Paris or Berlin

I grew up in Western Europe, but live and work in Budapest. Sometimes, Western friends ask me how it compares to other great cities I lived in – say, Paris or Berlin.
4/12/23, 9:53 AM

MCC Podcast - Fellow Talks: The First to Set Foot in Hungary

A handful of American fellows spend almost a year in Hungary to conduct research, teach, and immerse themselves in the history and culture of the nation.
3/28/23, 10:28 AM

MCC GeoPod | The Ukrainian Front: Exploring the Human Cost of Russia's War

In this episode of The MCC Geopod, the host engages in a deep and insightful conversation with two prominent geopolitical experts, Dr. Attila Demkó and Mr. Ruslan Bortnik about Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, which began in 2022 and has continued into 2023.
3/27/23, 3:43 PM

Another Europe is emerging from the rubble of the Brussels techno EU, but when will the world really change?

The war brought Europe into the era of geopolitics under threat.
3/27/23, 10:32 AM

MCC GeoPod: The Current State of Serbia-Kosovo Relations

The issue of Kosovo continues to be a divisive one in both the Balkans and international politics.
3/25/23, 10:14 PM

Mindfulness intervention techniques and their application among adolescents and university students – with an outlook on individuals with ADHD -

In the following studies I try to present various topics regarding both ADHD and ED in order to gain a better understanding on the phenomenon.
3/23/23, 8:01 PM

MCC Podcast: Beyond the Division: The Rainbow Nation's Future Prospects

Is the nation of Nelson Mandela still a great example to the rest of the world?
3/21/23, 7:38 AM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Parliamentary election in Estonia, 2023

Estonia is a rather unique country located in the intersection of the Scandinavian, Baltic, and Central East European regions.
3/6/23, 10:44 AM

Right-wing union: what is happening in other democracies?

The 'respectable' right, as a result of the cultural and intellectual hegemony of the centre-left, inevitably moved towards the centre of the political spectrum.
3/6/23, 2:52 AM

MCC Podcast: A Different Approach to Energy Policy and Climate Protection

How can energy policy reach all the goals of climate protection, affordable energy prices and supply reliability at the same time?

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