Political commentators and analysts expected a close battle between the left-wing and the right-wing blocks. The main stake of the election was whether the country would finally have a cabinet with a confident majority in the Knesset. Another key question was whether Netanyahu, who continued to be a divisive person in this election, could return to power. Nevertheless, to the surprise of some, Likud and its allies were eventually able to secure a majority in the Israeli parliament. In the latest episode of the Votes & Seats podcast series, Szabolcs Janik had the honour of discussing the background and results of the recent Israeli election with Ofir Haivry, vice president of the Herzl Institute, co-founder of the Edmund Burke Foundation and current visiting fellow at the Danube Institute. In the podcast episode, you will learn, among other things, that Netanyahu may rightly see himself as the winner of the election, but at the same time he is more exposed to his allies than he previously hoped. Haivry sees a good chance that the new cabinet will survive until the next election, and believes that Hungary and Israel can go hand in hand on key international issues.