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6/30/21, 11:01 AM

Dutch parliamentary election

This time the Votes & Seats podcast gives a review about the changing landscape of Dutch politics after the parliamentary election in 2021. Our guest, Thierry Baudet has an academic background, and he is a relevant actor of the Dutch politics.
6/29/21, 9:50 AM

Can Free Media be a Danger to Freedom of Expression?

It’s never good when media freedom is supressed. But can the media themselves suppress freedom of speech? A leading German pollster thinks they do.
6/24/21, 3:02 PM
Author: Corvinák

Foreign Direct Investment: Hope or Poison for Latin America?

Péter speaks to Rafael Quintero Godínez, lawyer, PhD candidate at Warwick Law School and current MCC visiting fellow on FDI in Latin America.
6/21/21, 9:43 AM

Croatian local elections

This time, the Votes & Seats podcast seeks to understand whether the new formations that gained momentum in the May 2021 local elections can change the balance of power in the Croatian party politics.
6/19/21, 8:44 AM
Author: Tibor Fischer

Russians Go Home! - Ruszkik haza!

It’s now some thirty years since Soviet forces withdrew from Hungary and the all the aims of the 1956 revolution were finally achieved. By the end, it was a curious relationship.
6/17/21, 8:52 AM
Author: Corvinák

What should a young Conservative read?

Péter Heltai speaks to one of MCC's current visiting fellows, Francesco Giubilei.
6/8/21, 9:01 AM

Why fake/pseudoscience will always be popular?

Fake science undermines the academic sphere’s integrity and the individuals’ ability to form evidence-based opinions. But what's to key to its success?
6/3/21, 9:37 AM
Author: Corvinák

Belarus - Europe's last dictatorship

Péter Heltai and Attila Demkó speak to Anton Bendarzsevszkij, a Budapest-based Belarusianforeign policy expert on the current crisis in his country.
5/26/21, 9:02 AM
Author: Tibor Fischer

Can a writer write too much?

"A curiosity as to the nature of “Europe” is something that Márai pioneers." - Tibor Fischer on the great Hungarian prose writer Sándor Márai and his legacy.
5/21/21, 8:55 AM

Political violence in Germany

German authorities began tracking „politically motivated crime” in 2001. In 2020, more such crimes were registered than in any year before. Social tensions are rising.

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