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7/2/24, 8:13 PM

What are universities for?

The continued existence of universities belies the fundamental changes that have occurred over the course of a millennia. The number of universities and students has increased exponentially and their purpose and cultural significance has been transformed.
6/20/24, 7:57 PM

What Economic Objectives Does Hungary's Southern Opening Policy Serve?

The analysis aims to explore the economic objectives that Hungary's Southern Opening Policy may serve for its economy. To achieve this understanding, the analysis will delve into the Southern Opening Policy, examining its background, implementation strategies, and potential economic impacts on the Hungarian economy.
4/22/24, 10:29 AM
Author: Yann Caspar

A complete turnaround in relations between France and Morocco?

Since 2017, Emmanuel Macron has favoured relations with Algeria, which is hostile to Morocco. The French president has tried to move closer to Algeria, but in doing so has mainly distanced himself from Morocco. However, this has changed recently, notably with the arrival of Stéphane Séjourné at the head of the French Foreign Ministry. Paris and Rabat are renewing their relations in many areas, incurring the wrath of Algiers.
4/12/24, 8:22 AM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Legislative Election in Portugal, 2024

With the most appreciated contribution of Mr. Alexandre de Sousa Carvalho from the University of Coimbra, the Votes&Seats podcast series gladly issues its episode on the March 2024 Portuguese early legislative election.
3/25/24, 9:31 AM

Politicisation of Education

The introduction of new subjects such as Citizenship, and the decolonisation of traditional academic subjects such as history, reveals the extent to which teaching is now politicised in ways that are entirely antithetical to classical education.
3/22/24, 9:35 AM

MCC Podcast | Asia Meets Hungary - Learning from Asia project: Filipino Student in Hungary

Bimba, a junior researcher of the "Learning from Asia" project, is hosting a podcast featuring Asian PhD students in Hungary.
3/18/24, 2:43 PM

MCC Podcast: DIPLOMACI | The Role of Politics on Climate Change

In the second part of this episode of the DiploMaci Podcast, dr. Calum Nicholson, the Director of MCC's Climate Policy Institute, presented climate change in a broader perspective, with special emphasis on how politics and politicians had an impact on the discussion about this phenomenon.
3/14/24, 9:41 AM

Undermining national identity through citizenship education

The European Parliament wants citizenship education to be a ‘policy priority at EU level.’
2/28/24, 6:29 PM

Against Decolonising the Curriculum

The most explicit argument for separating education from the legacy of the past is made under the banner of ‘decolonise’. Movements to ‘decolonise the curriculum’ began in higher education but rapidly migrated to schools.
2/26/24, 9:01 AM

History Teaching In Crisis

Education is intrinsically connected to the past.
1/25/24, 1:14 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: Legislative Election in Serbia, 2023

This time, we discuss the background, the outcome and the possible repercussions of the legislative, regional, and local elections that took place in Serbia on the 17th of December, 2023.
1/8/24, 9:59 AM

Singapore’s Green Architecture

Singapore, a vibrant city recognized for its cutting-edge infrastructure, has been making huge efforts in the field of green architecture.

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