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6/12/24, 8:35 PM

The Crisis of Socialisation

Socialisation is the process by which children are taught to behave in ways that meet the expectations of society.
5/27/24, 1:01 PM

Children do not need lessons in mental health

For more than a decade, teachers, counselors, and school psychologists have all been playing shrink.
12/11/23, 1:44 PM

“The End of an Era” - Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa resigns amid corruption probe

The resignation of the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa arrived out of the blue on the 7th of November. He resigned due to an investigation led by the Supreme Court, related to corruption, misuse of funds, and influence peddling among holders of public office.
11/28/23, 4:17 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: General Election in the Netherlands, 2023

This time, we talked about the November 2023 Dutch early general elections with Mr. Dave van Ginhoven from the Hague University of Applied Sciences.
11/27/23, 10:53 AM

MCC TeoPod | Faith and Science: An Astronomer's Perspective

Is there a conflict between religion and science? Are we insignificant in the vastness of space? Is there life beyond Earth?
11/17/23, 10:13 AM

MCC Podcast: Is Europe's Youth Shifting Right?

Maks Woroszylo is the president of Adrenalin, the youth wing of the Alternative Democratic Reform Party in Luxembourg. In the October 2023 national election, his party received its highest ever share of the vote.
11/14/23, 1:39 PM

MCC Podcast: Liberalism and woke: a podcast with Prof. Andreas Kinneging

In this episode of the MCC Podcasts, our distinguished guest, Prof. Andreas Kinneging, professor at the University of Leiden, will be discussing liberalism and its relationship with woke.
11/8/23, 9:59 AM

MCC GeoPod: Terrorism and the Gaza War

Although there is no universal definition of terrorism, it has emerged as one of the world's most serious concerns.
10/27/23, 12:20 PM

MCC Votes & Seats Podcast: The 2023 Polish legislative election

Leading EU and member state politicians and political commentators closely observed the election campaign in Poland in recent months. Indeed, the stake of the October election was high and centred around the question whether Law and Justice (PiS) would stay in power, or the opposition would finally succeed in gaining power after eight years.
10/24/23, 10:32 AM

Viktor Orbán – Rebel, loser, winner?

On June 16th, 1989, a young man named Viktor Orbán held a speech watched by hundreds of thousands of his compatriots. The occasion was the reburial of Imre Nagy, who as a Prime Minister had been the leader of Hungary’s 1956 uprising against the Soviets.
10/13/23, 9:06 AM

How I got Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield to admit that the Rule of Law Mechanism is a political instrument

On Wednesday, 11th October I sat on a remarkable podium at the „Budapest Forum”, a conference organized by the City of Budapest, run by mayor Gergely Karácsony, in order to combat „authoritarianism” and „defend democracy”.
10/12/23, 8:27 PM
Author: Yann Caspar

The rule of law, a totem with a thousand facets

The question of the rule of law may seem secondary and something that only concerns the initiated.

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