Our guest expert, Mr. Piotr Pietrzak from Sofia University points out that the election might have led to the end of what he calls “Borisovcracy”. The governmental term of outgoing prime minister Boyko Borisov was accompanied by protests and allegations of nepotism, and corruption. Our guest analyst specializes in International Relations, Geopolitics, Conflict Resolution Strategies, and International Law. Mr. Pietrzak says Slavi Trifonov may possibly form a government. But can the Bulgarian David Letterman become a successful political leader? Answering the questions of Bálint L. Tóth, international relations analyst and researcher at the MCC’s Centre for Political Science, Mr. Pietrzak helps us understand why the politician-entertainer Trifonov changed his party’s name from “There is no such nation” to “There is such a nation” after one of his musical hits. The podcast explains why it is worth keeping an eye on Bulgaria. The fragile Balkanic constellation is a bit like House of Cards. North Macedonia’s chances for EU accession largely depend on the attitude of its eastern “Big Brother”, where the Turkish influence seems to lose weight. In addition, due to disagreements between the parties, there is a chance for new parliamentary elections to coincide with the presidential ballot in November 2021. If you would like to know which Bulgarian politician can be compared to Julius Caesar, give a listen to the newest Podcast of MCC’s Center for Political Studies.