Mr. Pietrzak is co-founder and editor-in-chief of In Statu Nascendi – Journal of Political Philosophy and International Relations, a non-profit organization based in Sofia. Mr. Pietrzak is a Polish national residing in the Bulgarian capital. His primary interests relate to geopolitics, and conflict resolution strategies, as well as recent socio-political developments in Afghanistan, Cyprus, former Yugoslavian republics, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Somalia, and Yemen, as well as Georgia and Ukraine. Additionally, Mr. Pietrzak regularly comments on matters related to the superpower competition during and after the cold war. His personal interest towards conflict resolution strategies dates back to his time in Cyprus, where he lived close to a UN security border check point. The experience of residing just about 30 meters far from a border that separates the two Cypriot entities inspired him to dig deeper into the roots and motives of frozen conflicts in the World.