All organisations plan for a certain outcome, but they need to be flexible to change their plan, change their direction when they realise their outcome is unattainable or that they have learnt things on the journey which makes a different outcome more favourable. How do you know what you need to know before you need to know it? That is what agile thinking and complexity thinking helps you to learn. The best weak signal detection array are the people within the organization. So as a leader, in this sensemaking world we have to talk to our people, listen to them, give them chance to express themselves in a psychologically safe way. Leaders are making strategy, plans, predictions, outcomes, but they need to better understand the landscape by sensing the humans to make a better decision, plan and execute more effectively. But how do we enable people to identify that they need to be a team? How do we keep people in a high state of awareness within the working context? Flow is a system of learning and understanding different constructs and being able to choose what works in the context. If you want to learn more about agile thinking, complexity thinking and the Flow System, listen to our newest episode with a real disrupter and problem solver.