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9/23/21, 5:31 PM
Author: Corvinák

What To Expect in the German Federal Election?

Discussion with Prof. Werner Patzelt, professor emeritus of the Technical University of Dresden and visiting fellow at MCC.
8/9/21, 8:52 AM
Author: Corvinák

"You can live happily without sex but you cannot live without meaning"

Péter speaks to Dennis Prager, radio show host, writer, and founder of Prager University.
8/5/21, 8:47 AM
Author: Corvinák

Catholic Social Teaching: a New Model for Business Diplomacy?

Péter speaks to Huub Rüel, Visiting Fellow at MCC and expert on business diplomacy.
7/15/21, 11:07 AM
Author: Corvinák

Why Navalny wasn't shot in the head? - Chemical warfare in the 21st century

Conversation with Marc-Michael Blum chemical weapons expert.
7/8/21, 2:41 PM
Author: Corvinák

"Hungary has become our second home"

Interview with two fellows of the Budapest Fellowship Program.
7/2/21, 7:54 AM
Author: Corvinák

What comes after liberalism?

Péter speaks to Patrick Deneen about liberalism, populists, new aristocracies and the of Christian liberty.
6/24/21, 3:02 PM
Author: Corvinák

Foreign Direct Investment: Hope or Poison for Latin America?

Péter speaks to Rafael Quintero Godínez, lawyer, PhD candidate at Warwick Law School and current MCC visiting fellow on FDI in Latin America.
6/17/21, 8:52 AM
Author: Corvinák

What should a young Conservative read?

Péter Heltai speaks to one of MCC's current visiting fellows, Francesco Giubilei.
2/25/21, 9:50 AM
Author: Corvinák

Introducing the Budapest Fellows (MCC Podcast)

Péter speaks to George Bogden and Stephen Sholl about their experiences in Hungary and the similarities (and differences) between Central Europe and the USA.
2/4/21, 4:20 PM
Author: Corvinák

The future of the EU: messianic or pragmatic?

Our guest is the Head of the Centre for European Affairs at MCC, Rodrigo Ballester.
1/14/21, 2:45 PM
Author: Corvinák

Truth is tyrannical (?)

In this episode Péter speaks to Rusty Reno, Editor of First Things magazine.
12/17/20, 1:23 PM
Author: Corvinák

Post-Liberal? Post-Christian? New MCC Podcast with Gladden Pappin

In this podcast Péter speaks to Gladden Pappin, assistant professor of politics at the University of Dallas, co-founder and deputy editor of the American Affairs journal.
12/3/20, 3:16 PM
Author: Corvinák

The Ethics of War Journalism

In this episode we spoke to the guest lecturer of our Media School, Julius Strauss, journalist, former war correspondent for The Telegraph.

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