Is it to make profit or is it to serve the common good? It may seem that the profit-driven focus and the common-good focus exclude each other, but do they? Looking at the role of business from a Catholic Social Teaching and a Christian Social Values perspective, profit and the common-good seem to coincide. How does that work? In this MCC podcast, mr. Bruno Bobone explains that businesses should focus on the long term, not the short term. And businesses should focus on people and their path to happiness. In this way businesses will be profitable as well as serving the common good. Mr. Bobone is the president of the board of the Pinto Basto Group, a Portugese market leading family-owned company in maritime services and transport. The Pinto Basto Group exists for 250 years, more then 10 generations and is still very successful. Mr. Bobone leads this company inspired by Christian Social Values and Catholic Social Teaching. Furthermore, mr. Bobone is a board member of the International Christian Union of Business Executives, UNIAPAC. This association promotes Christian Social Values and Catholic Social Teaching in today’s business world and society. He was the European president of UNIAPA as well as the vice-president of UNIAPAC worldwide.