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1/8/24, 9:59 AM

Singapore’s Green Architecture

Singapore, a vibrant city recognized for its cutting-edge infrastructure, has been making huge efforts in the field of green architecture.
1/8/24, 9:56 AM

The excellence of Changi Airport

Singapore's Changi Airport is an example of how innovation, efficiency, and customer-centric design can come together in the aviation industry. One of the most well-known airports in the world, Changi has gained recognition and respect for continuously setting the bar for the passenger experience.
12/17/20, 1:23 PM
Author: Corvinák

Post-Liberal? Post-Christian? New MCC Podcast with Gladden Pappin

In this podcast Péter speaks to Gladden Pappin, assistant professor of politics at the University of Dallas, co-founder and deputy editor of the American Affairs journal.
12/15/20, 11:13 AM
Author: Corvinák

The Failure of Globalization and the Return of Nations

The pandemic has demonstrated all the limits of the open society without borders and underlined the importance of nations as entities capable of helping citizens in times of difficulty. A political analysis by Italian thinker and President of Nazione Futura, Francesco Giubilei.
12/10/20, 4:55 PM
Author: Corvinák

Julius Krein - Why Did Trump Lose the Elections?

In this MCC Podcast our guest was Julius Krein, founder and editor of the journal American Affairs.
12/4/20, 9:30 AM
Author: Corvinák

Why This Justice Matters

With all eyes focused on the ongoing disputes of the 2020 United States Presidential election, there is another battle taking shape before our eyes that is set to have a significant impact on both the legal and legislative branches for decades to come.
12/3/20, 3:16 PM
Author: Corvinák

The Ethics of War Journalism

In this episode we spoke to the guest lecturer of our Media School, Julius Strauss, journalist, former war correspondent for The Telegraph.
11/30/20, 10:25 AM

The unknown Pacelli-list

Pius XII’s legacy: don’t let lies get in the way of a true story.
11/25/20, 6:50 PM
Author: Corvinák

Grizzly Matrix: Does every bears look the same?

A small project in British Columbia using videos of grizzly bears and facial recognition technology looks set to lead to a remarkable breakthrough in bear science. A fascinating story by Julius Strauss.
11/25/20, 4:01 PM

Prince Charles and Transylvania's Hungarians

The member of the British Royal Family spoke about the Hungarian community in Transylvania in his speech at a Romanian-British diplomatic event.
11/24/20, 8:54 AM
Author: Corvinák

Will a Biden Presidency lead to a Revitalized NATO?

After a bruising US presidential election season, the inauguration of a Joe Biden Administration on January 20th appears all but certain. Despite the antics of name-calling and mudslinging on both sides of the political aisle, the results of the 2020 election will have very important implications in how the United States will interact with long-standing multi-national institutions. It is widely felt within these institutions, that America has undermined, or even abandoned much of the international order over the last four years under President Trump.
11/23/20, 9:10 AM
Author: Corvinák

BILD, Tabloid Journalism and Populism

Populism has become a dirty word in politics, although in its original meaning it should be an elementary democratic virtue. What the People (“populus”) want, expect, express, should be part of the political discussion in any democracy.

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