Federica Cristani

9/28/22, 9:38 AM

Framing a ´sustainable´ international investment environment in the Arctic: a general overview

The Arctic region has become a “great economic frontier”, hosting multiple economic activities and attracting a large amount of foreign investment. At the same time, from many parts there is a growing request of promoting “sustainable” investment in the region. How can “sustainability” be achieved in the framework of the relevant international investment environment?
7/5/22, 2:57 PM

Which protection against economic cyber espionage? A focus on Hungary

Hungarian companies, like all companies worldwide, are increasingly exposed to economic cyber espionage. At the international, EU and national levels, the relevant regulatory framework is rather fragmented, which makes it difficult for companies to identity the appropriate legal instrument.
5/10/22, 2:16 PM

Ukraine, cyberwarfare and Anonymous: who is a (legitimate) target and who is neutral?

While Anonymous has declared to be “in cyber war” against Russia, each individual acting as Anonymous can become a legitimate target under international humanitarian law, also triggering co-belligerency status of countries from which they operate.