MCC PhD Program

In 2021, the newly launched PhD Program at MCC was ten times oversubscribed with more than 80 applications submitted. Nearly 30 PhD students were interviewed by the expert committee. The committee assessed not only the applicants' research and teaching experience but also their professional goals and motivation. For the academic year 2021/2022, 6 researchers were admitted to the program that is unique in Hungary.

As Hungary's largest interdisciplinary education and research center, MCC considers it a priority to foster a generation of Hungarian social scientists who are committed to scientific methods, confident in communicating their own research results and able to interpret the results of other disciplines. The MCC PhD Program offers a unique training opportunity for Hungarian doctoral students who see their future in academia and wish to participate in the vibrant intellectual life at MCC.

MCC aims to help Hungarian doctoral students to gain practical experience alongside their academic theoretical training. Involvement in research is an important part of an academic career. MCC seeks to make it possible for doctoral students to get involved in different scientific projects during their studies. Awareness, a systems approach, autonomy and self-discipline are important for a career in academia and MCC provides an opportunity to develop these skills.

Researchers in the MCC PhD Program

  • become involved in research activities in one of the MCC research centers or institutes;
  • carry out independent research on a topic of their choice, assisted by a mentor;
  • carry out teaching activities at each of the training levels at MCC;
  • publish scientific papers and articles for the public.

Successful Candidates Admitted for the 2021/2022 Academic Year