Student Initiatives


Amigos is a charity organisation of college students who aim to make the days of seriously ill children more pleasant through a useful tool: language learning. This is currently carried out daily at Paediatric Clinic No. II in Tűzoltó street.

Transcarpathian Secondary School Mentoring Program

The Mathias Corvinus Collegium organises a school-year training program called Transcarpathian Secondary School Mentoring Program, which aims to mentor 9th-11th grade, talented young people from Transcarpathia who want to make a difference for their future. Prerequisite: studies at a Hungarian-language secondary school institution in Transcarpathia, and intention to pursue college or university education.

About the program: 

Through the program, we are helping to develop the talents of Transcarpathian students by building an information network by young people for young people. The mentors are undergraduate students of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium and members of the Transcarpathian Public Leadership Program alumni community. Each student is dealt with individually by a mentor.
In addition, the e-learning system of the MCC Secondary School Program will be available to interested young people, where video lectures and literature that can be processed by high schoolers will be available on a weekly basis.

The program consists of the following elements:

  • Mapping students' opportunities (scholarships, current application opportunities, academic competitions, etc.).
  • Career guidance (description of the higher education system in Ukraine and Hungary, including higher education institutions, training programs, other further study issues).
  • E-learning system (based on their interests, secondary school students can gain insight into eight scientific fields before applying to higher education).


Mindset is an innovative platform in the science of psychology. It is an online psychology journal that brings psychology closer to the lives of all people. In addition to everyday psychology, we also place great emphasis on economic psychological content. However, Mindset means much more than a set of interesting articles. For the cause of propagating science, we organise professional conferences and educational lectures for those interested in psychology. However, we not only write and talk about psychology, we also apply it.

Working with charities that work with people, we strive to use the science of psychology for a good cause and to spread that among a wider range of people. Our goal is to ensure that this valuable knowledge accumulated over many years is not lost on the paid pages of journals. Leveraging our expertise, we help where we can. All in all, Mindset is all about professionalism, clarity and responsibility. Mindset is the psychological stronghold of the future.

Ars Boni Journal

Arsboni is a professional community and online legal portal working to reform the law and the legal profession for a fairer society. Arsboni's most important goal is to evaluate the legal development of Hungary in a professional manner, regardless of politics, from a professional point of view, to promote professional and scientific dialogue, and to increase the legal knowledge and awareness of citizens. Since its inception in 2013, Arsboni has built a community of nearly thirty people whose members are young lawyers receptive to social issues. Over the past three years, a number of successful nationwide projects have been implemented:

  1. Ars Boni (which means “the art of good” in Latin) is an online scientific journal that provides opportunities for the youngest generation of lawyers, opinion leaders of the future, to formulate and collide their professional positions, thus involving them in domestic scientific dialogue.
  2. Since the beginning of 2013, the website has been in operation, which, as a legal news portal, also provides the wider professional and non-professional audience with up-to-date and authentic information regarding the issues of domestic and foreign legal development. The website also publishes a large number of interviews with legal practitioners and representatives of jurisprudence, as well as conference reports, a niche genre in Hungary.
  3. They announced article writing competitions four times with substantial awards, that reached tens of thousands of people in a unique way in the country, prompting the public to write articles around nearly 400 legal issues.
  4. They run an internship program, in which 7 to 10 law students simultaneously receive complex training in journalism and scientific research, and can join the work of the organisation for a few months.