Who We Are


Our Mission
Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) is an educational institute and research center devoted to the flourishing of the Hungarian nation. Focused on developing the skills and talents of young Hungarians, MCC provides supplemental education, without charge, to young Hungarians.

To align with their vision, the founders opted to name our institution after Mathias Corvinus, one of Hungary's most renowned kings. During the 15th century, Mathias Corvinus ushered Hungary into a period of prosperity, introducing Renaissance ideas and knowledge and establishing the country as a prominent intellectual hub in Europe. His reign exemplified the key elements necessary for Hungary's advancement: a commitment to knowledge, patriotism, and a willingness to embrace external sources for innovative solutions and ideas, elements now embodied in Mathias Corvinus Collegium.

MCC, as a private educational foundation, is neither a competitor nor an alternative to public and higher education. Instead, it offers various programs and activities that complement the regular curriculum of Hungarian universities and schools while providing additional learning opportunities. Our students are not admitted purely on educational merits but on their desire and willingness to help their local communities, fellow Hungarians, and develop their talents for the benefit of themselves and Hungary.

Our paramount objective is to bestow upon Hungary a cohort of exceptional young individuals who possess familiarity with global dynamics and exhibit a sense of responsibility towards their personal destiny and the collective future of Hungary and all Hungarians.

While MCC is ideologically independent, we are not value neutral. The environment that is fostered at MCC is one which encourages patriotism, respect for tradition, a realistic approach to global affairs, and care for the Hungarian nation and the future of the Western world.

Our Story
Since its foundation in 1996, Mathias Corvinus Collegium has grown into the largest extracurricular education provider in the Carpathian Basin. Starting with only a handful of students, MCC initially focused on developing and mentoring high-school and university students. The dedication and passion of its staff and students, however, led to a gradual expansion of MCC's programs, outreach, and mission. In 2001, MCC secured a residency hall to provide housing for its students and further cement MCC as a community-based model of education.

The 2000's and 2010's not only saw an expansion of MCC's educational programs to development programs for all ages, but also a physical expansion outside of Budapest with the opening of regional centers throughout Hungary and its surrounding areas.

Today, MCC is proud to offer its educational and training programs to Hungarians from primary education to the postgraduate level. MCC also complements its educational activity with a network of institutions which provide a variety of services such as publishing books, organizing international conferences, conducting research, and organizing unique fellowship programs.

Our Vision
While MCC has made remarkable progress since its modest origins, we are far from content and remain resolute in reaching our full potential, much like our ambitious students. Presently, MCC extends its wide array of courses, activities, and educational programs to over 7,000 students, yet our aspirations extend far beyond this figure. Our goal is to amplify this number to over 10,000, empowering even more individuals on their transformative educational journeys.

Moreover, we have ambitious plans to expand our presence across the Carpathian Basin, wherever the Hungarian spirit thrives. With an unwavering commitment to these culturally rich regions, we intend to augment our current roster of 27 regional centers, breathing life into an additional eight Hungarian-inhabited cities, bringing the total to 35. Mindful of our cultural heritage, we have gone the extra mile by purposefully acquiring historically and architecturally significant buildings for these regional centers, with plans to meticulously restore them to their former glory. By intertwining MCC with the fabric of these communities, we not only forge enduring bonds but also render a valuable service by preserving local architectural gems.

We are also embarking on an exciting expansion outside of the Carpathian Basin. Our newly established center in Brussels already serves as a beacon of our international reach and will be joined by new MCC locations in Vienna, Berlin, and London. These endeavors not only provide a vital international outlet for our scholars' groundbreaking work, but also furnish our students with unparalleled international opportunities, broadening their horizons and nurturing their global perspectives.

This profound international expansion signifies the culmination of MCC's recent efforts in fostering global connections, a journey that commenced with the establishment of our Visiting Fellowship Program. By inviting distinguished experts to conduct research and impart their wisdom as visiting fellows, we have fostered a vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas, enriching our intellectual ecosystem.

In essence, our relentless pursuit of excellence and the widening of our horizons epitomize MCC's unwavering dedication to fostering transformative education, empowering individuals, and shaping the future. We march forward, fueled by a boundless passion for knowledge and a steadfast commitment to realizing the aspirations of our institution and its diverse community of students