Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) has been nurturing young talents for 25 years. We believe that supporting highly talented young people is a fundamental public interest. To fulfill this mission, we organize our work on the basis of unified professional principles.

The Hungarian Parliament acknowledged the effectiveness of our endeavor when MCC has been chosen as the future base for talent nurturing in the Carpathian Basin. The Parliament also provided resources for the realization of this project when 10 percent of the shares of Gedeon Richter Plc and 10 percent of the shares of MOL Plc have been entrusted to MCC. The return on shares and other budget resources will be used to further improve the talent fostering activities of MCC, and to make these training programs available for an increasing number of young people. We also aim at building a community for the benefit of the whole nation and all Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin. 

Thanks to the project we launched in the fall of 2020, MCC will become the most important young talent nurturing institution in the Carpathian Basin.

Supporting young talents means, on the one hand, the provision of free and high quality training programs, and on the other, it involves the management of our project’s intellectual output (book publishing, conferences, other publications, media appearances, roundtable discussions, mobility programs). All these activities aim at making MCC a knowledge center in Hungary.

MCC is neither a competitor nor an alternative to public and higher education institutions. Moreover, it is completely independent.

MCC offers education opportunities for all ages. It provides training programs for talented students in the upper grades of primary school, high schools, higher education, or for graduate young adults. Thanks to the complementary courses MCC provides, students can perform even better in the conventional education system. MCC is not a place of mass education, but a space for personalized and small group work. While the aim of conventional public and higher education is the transfer of basic, uniform and universal knowledge, MCC provides knowledge beyond that level so that our students can acquire a special approach, according to their individual interests.

MCC creates opportunities for enthusiastic young people who are willing to contribute to the prosperity of our nation and their smaller communities. We give young people opportunities to unfold their capabilities, explore the world, understand international affairs, and a chance to learn from the best experts. All this is offered for free, regardless of the students’ financial situation.

Over the next five years, in the framework of our various programs, we will undertake the training of approximately 10,000 students.

In the future, Mathias Corvinus Collegium will be present in all 19 county seats and in another 16 Hungarian-majority cities in the Carpathian Basin. We are also considering the expansion of our activities to Western European countries.

The MCC Budapest headquarters will be moving to the city center soon. The two concrete buildings built in the modernist style will be demolished. In the next five years, so as to meet today's expectations, a sustainable, green center fitting into the landscape will be created on the real estate complex received from the state.

MCC maintains a strong alumni system and also sets up a career office. In addition to the tuition-free programs, students receive a scholarship according to their academic achievements. Our aim is to make Mathias Corvinus Collegium the Alma Mater to which our students shall think back proudly throughout their careers.

In sum, MCC supports young people who are committed to their country, willing to contribute to their local communities, and who feel responsible for their compatriots and their environment. We help them, independently from their social or cultural background, unlock their potential and thrive for their own benefit and, in the long run, for the benefit of all Hungarians.

Our goal is to prepare the next patriotic generation that is talented, open-minded, internationally experienced, and with good command of foreign languages. With this skill set, they will be able to represent the Hungarian interests with confidence, even in the midst of global competition, and take part in the domestic or international debates as well as in the decisions determining the future of the Hungarian nation. At the same time, they can contribute to enhancing public dialogue and culture, and thus becoming a worthy representative of the cultural, economic and social elite of Hungary.