As part of our student scholarship program with Quinnipiac University in the United States, the renowned American University welcomes two of our students each year from the fall of 2009 on an MBA program dedicated specifically for this end.

“At Quinnipiac University, students are our top priority. We are committed to providing a supportive and stimulating environment for their intellectual and personal development. All of the University’s activities are conducted along three core values: high-quality academic programs, a student-centered environment, and a strong sense of community. The study environment at Quinnipiac is rather personalised, reflecting our institution’s commitment to high quality education, academic work and professional development.

In our search for a quality partner institution, we came across a cognate spirit at Mathias Corvinus Collegium. MCC is an extraordinary place for students who strive for perfection in all areas of their work. MCC offers an excellent, personalised environment with a strong sense of community and an emphasis on high-quality education. Quinnipiac University is proud to have partnered with Mathias Corvinus Collegium. It is an American-Hungarian partnership based on common values and a common belief in the importance of our students. ”

 John L. Lahey, Rector of Quinnipiac University 

 “Over the years, I have often quoted the famous business writer Jim Collins, who said of achieving great accomplishments that ‘good is the enemy of great ’. It is precisely this idea that I also used as an argument at Quinnipiac, saying that today we need to build on the good things we have already achieved in order to reach an even higher level in terms of our students, teachers and the programs we offer.
It can hardly be surprising, then, that when we were looking for a major foreign educational institution, our choice fell on Mathias Corvinus Collegium, whose official motto is “bonus intra, melior exi”, meaning “Come in good. Leave better!”. Already on my first visit to the MCC, it was clear that this was a group of individuals who cared passionately about their students but at the same time expected a lot from them and emphasised that they were all part of a larger community. MCC is innovative in attracting outstanding academic and professional partners and everything they do is strongly oriented towards the needs of students. These are values shared by both of our institutions. There was no doubt that QU and MCC would be able to work well together and develop international programs.
We hope that this program can serve as a basis for a broader collaboration and offer a bright future for many years to the students of both institutions. ”

Mark A. Thompson, Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs at Quinnipiac University

“The goal of the American-Hungarian corporate executive training program is to make future Hungarian corporate executives aware of the benefits of American business practice. These include a customer-centric attitude, hard work, and a commitment to high moral standards.  The realisation of these goals has given rise to a partnership between Quinnipiac University (USA) and Mathias Corvinus Collegium, within the framework of which the best and most promising Hungarian students can study abroad. This program is based on the following three pillars: 

1. The first pillar is based on the completion of an American MBA program at Quinnipiac University. MBA training complements Hungarian theoretical education by focusing above all on practical applications, teamwork, leadership techniques and other globally important skills.

2. The second pillar provides a wide range of experience gained at American companies. Students participating in the program work part-time at various companies during their MBA studies, followed by a one-year (full-time) internship at an American company. This pillar is a unique opportunity as it provides students with hands-on business training at major companies around the world.

3. The third pillar is the so-called Leadership Mentoring program, during which leading Hungarian business figures take on a mentoring role. The mentors also provide students with business management advice and a connection to a high-quality Hungarian business network. The mentors manage the students and the program itself in such a way that the participants are able to critically evaluate what they have learned during their stay abroad in order to be able to apply this knowledge later in the Hungarian market conditions.

The curriculum is based on three academic years at Quinnipiac University. The selection is made before entering the program; applicants are selected on the basis of their excellent academic performance, and those who have the appropriate maturity and skills to promise successful completion of the program have advantage. Students and companies, as well as students and their mentors, are brought together based on common interest. During the first two years, students take MBA courses and work part-time (20 hours per week). In the third year, students are employed full-time (40 hours per week). Students should maintain regular correspondence with their mentor at all times, providing detailed information about their studies in the United States. After the last American year, they are obliged to return to Hungary, where they will continue to work with MCC and their mentor to find the job that best suits their interests and acquired skills to become a leading figure in Hungarian business. ”

Cristopher P. Ball, Associate Professor of Economics, Quinnipiac University.