Career and Alumni Center

The Career and Alumni Center of MCC provides comprehensive support for the students of Mathias Corvinus Collegium as well as the ‘old’ students, the alumni community. This support extends to all career-related matters from preparing to enter the labor market to responding effectively to its challenges and developing those skills that one may need to be promoted to a leader’s position. Great emphasis is placed on working closely with key players of the labor market and providing students and the alumni community with up-to-date information on current market trends.

The range of services offered by the Career Center includes personal coaching, group trainings and workshops, presentations, podcasts and online learning materials on the topic of professional careers. Students can access career guidance services in person or online, both in the MCC headquarters in Budapest and country-wise. The specialists of the Career Center give a helping hand in a range of topics from career planning to skill development; increasing self-awareness, communication, presentation, and motivation skills that are all keys to successful job applications. Not only present students of MCC, but the alumni community may be beneficiaries of this special support. In addition to personal skill development, the Career Center advises on internships and shares the actual job offers of numerous partner firms and institutions.

Coordinated by the Career Center, a personality development program is also available for students in the Young Talent Program, High School Program and the University Program, as an organic complement to the academic program of MCC. The group trainings are led by a motivated team of young psychologists and focused on age-specific personal skills.

Networking and intergenerational cooperation between alumni and current students is encouraged through workshops involving former and current students, as well as the Alumni Mentor Program, which also helps to prepare for employment.