Learning Institute

The MCC Learning Institute was established in December 2021 with the aim to foster a professional community of outstanding researchers/experts that connected to the most developed international professional institutions and places the educational narratives in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin in a 21st century framework. The Institute's main professional mission is to objectively analyse and intelligently translate 21st-century global education trends into competitive Hungarian solutions.

The MCC Learning Institute also provides in-house pedagogical evaluation and development advice for the training programs at MCC. It strives to demonstrate the pedagogical added value of MCC and to support pedagogical innovation.

The main objective of the Institute is research and analysis, complemented by a strong international presence and active social communication. The Institute is constantly seeking professional synergies and cooperation with other MCC institutes and schools. At the same time, it contributes to the training and professional orientation of MCC students interested in education issues. The Institute's communication channels also reach out to the educational communities of the Carpathian Basin, bringing innovative, mindset-changing energies into everyday professional practice.

The Institute is led by János Setényi, educational researcher and development consultant.