Postgraduate Programs

Once graduating from one of MCC’s schools, students may have different aspirations and ideas for their future: some may want to try themselves in the labor market with their degree in their pocket, others may want to go into academia or spend a semester abroad, and there are also those who wish to do it all. MCC’s Postgraduate Programs offer courses which continue after their graduation. These educational courses are tailored to the personal needs of students and provide them with the opportunity to move forward professionally and personally.

Graduation from an MCC School is an important milestone for MCC Students. Not only does it mark the halfway point of their university education, but it marks the point where they move from general education, to identifying their own unique career path. To support this evolution, MCC’s Postgraduate Programs provide a syllabus for unique and individualized professional and personal development. The Postgraduate Programs consist of the Center Membership Program, Junior Research Program, Leadership Academy, and the Janus Pannonius Program. 

The Center Membership Program provides a steppingstone for those choosing a career as a researcher or analyst and can be followed by participation in the Junior Researcher Program. The Leadership Academy is recommended for anyone wishing to take on a leadership role in economic, public, or cultural organizations. The one-year Janus Pannonius Program Year is for those who wish to make the most of the opportunities offered by MCC. To obtain a postgraduate diploma, students must complete at least two of these training courses.  All postgraduate programs are based on the self-motivation of admitted students, the independent achievement of the set objectives and regular communication. Students are expected to have a positive attitude and a proactive approach.