5/28/24, 5:30 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

John Larkin: Judicial Power in the United Kingdom

5/22/24, 12:07 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

The Secrets of the Palace of Westminster

5/9/24, 4:49 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

Research seminar with Michael Freeden

5/8/24, 4:23 PM
MCC Feszt

The Party Returns: Esztergom will once again host MCC Feszt from August 1st to 3rd

MCC Feszt, which attracted over 47,000 visitors last year, offers a dynamic range of musical, cultural, and educational activities. Organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium, the largest educational institution in the Carpathian Basin, MCC Feszt is returning to Esztergom for the fourth time. The multi-day event will once again feature the best of Hungarian popular music, as well as renowned Hungarian and international experts and opinion leaders. Participants will include the director of the Oxford University Centre for Byzantine Studies, a former editor-in-chief of the Bild-Zeitung, a professor of political science at the University of Kent, and a UNESCO Distinguished Professor of Transnational Challenges and Governance at American University.
4/30/24, 5:42 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

Twin Volumes on Constitutional Review

4/24/24, 1:14 PM
Learning Institute

The Two Faces of Learning - Competitive vs/and Collaborative

4/15/24, 6:51 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

Conference at ELTE Law School

3/28/24, 12:28 PM
Center for International Law

What a Modern Tocqueville Would See: MCC-Harvard Student Summit

From New York to Boston, world-renowned universities, legendary professors, prominent federal judges, joint student programs, a thought-provoking conference and even more adventures on the East Coast of the United States of America: the MCC-Harvard Student Summit provided our students with a rich community-building experience.
3/27/24, 1:12 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

Visit at the UK Supreme Court

3/22/24, 6:03 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

Conference on the Lisbon Treaty

3/11/24, 4:47 PM
Center for International Law

The Larger the EU Becomes, the More Imperative it Is to Respect the Identities of the European Nations

„If I look at the rather miserable state of European politics today, I see many reasons for doubt or even for despair. I know however that sometimes miracles happen. When God wants to shape our history, he needs however at least a small number of men of wisdom and hope. Will He find these men? Are we willing to be these men? The answer to this question will define the future of our European home.” – Rocco Buttiglione, professor of political science and one of the keynote speakers of the conference pointed out.
3/4/24, 1:49 PM
Center for International Law

What We Need Is a Vision For Europe

“There is no such continent in the World with so many different nations, cultures and languages. Therefore, the larger the European Union becomes, the more it should respect these differences. National sovereignty is an essential part of the European cooperation and should not be sacrificed for the sake of integrationist aspirations" – Rajko Knez, Professor of Law emphasized in presentation at the MCC Centre in Zalaegerszeg.
2/26/24, 3:19 PM
Center for International Law

The autonomy of Europe will be increased if Trump is elected to president

“Historically, Europe has had always more room to manouver when Republican Adminsitrations were in the White House. Furthermore, because of his unique approach, if Donald Trump is elected to president, the European cooperation would need to take problems into their own hands” – Matthieu Grandpierron, pointed out in the Budapest Lectures series. The head of the Political Science department at ICES-Vendée Catholic University talked about the questions and challenges of the European strategic autonomy with Lénárd Sándor, head of the Center for International Law.
2/22/24, 11:17 AM
Brussels, Learning Institute

Reclaiming Classical Education

Over two days, educators, philosophers, and advocates from diverse backgrounds gathered to discuss the urgent need to enforce the principles of intellectual rigor and cultural heritage in our modern educational environment.
2/16/24, 8:39 AM
Center for Constitutional Politics

Euthanasia: Taking life and death seriously

The Mathias Corvinus Collegium hosted an informative discussion on euthanasia, the right to die and the possible consequences, organised by the Center for Constitutional Politics.
2/14/24, 4:40 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

Research seminar on euthanasia with John Wyatt

12/8/23, 12:11 PM
Budapest Lectures, Center for International Law

“What Binds Europe Together Is Christianity”

Christianity is what holds European peoples and the European civilization together, and without its protection there can be little hope for a solid basis for a European future – Christopher Caldwell, writer, journalist, and senior fellow at the Claremont Institute pointed out in the latest event of the MCC Budapest Lecture series sharing his thoughts on the past and current situations of Europe as well as on the future challenges of the European cooperation.
12/1/23, 11:04 AM
Center for International Law

Protecting Our Cultural Heritage in International Law

The natural, economic and intellectual features the 21st century world pose many different challenges to our cultural heritage. The legal protection of cultural heritage, which expresses our way of life, traditions, worldview, our spiritual and emotional values, is therefore one of the most important objective of the future” – was pointed out during the MCC study days on the international legal protection of cultural heritage.
11/27/23, 10:58 AM

Election Night In Debrecen: The Dutch Elections

With more than 130 attendees and the participation of 6 experts, MCC organized its first regional ‘Election Night’ event in Debrecen. At the fully packed local training center event, participants were able to gain a deeper insight into Dutch domestic politics, and the background of the groundbreaking election.
11/23/23, 11:38 AM
Budapest Lectures

Innovation and Creativity as Catalysts for Business Success

The impact of creativity and innovation on business success was discussed by recent Budapest Lecture guest Deepak Ohri, CEO and founder of Lebula Hotels and Resorts.
11/21/23, 2:02 PM
Budapest Lectures, Center for International Law

Sports Embody the Virtues that Elevated the Western Civilization

„Sports embody the virtues and values that historically elevated Western civilization: determination, teamwork, self-discipline, fair play, camaraderie and community” – Jodi Balsam Professor at Brooklyn Law School and Krisztián Kecsmár, Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union pointed out in the latest event of the MCC Budapest Lecture series that compated the European and American approaches to sports law.
11/20/23, 4:00 PM
German-Hungarian Institute for European Cooperation

MCC Organizes a Film Screening for the Recent Sebastian Kurz Documentary

The premiere of the latest documentary film about Sebastian Kurz's career took place in front of a full house in the Uránia National Film Theater in Budapest. Following the film screening, the former Austrian chancellor participated in a panel discussion with Zoltán Szalai, the director of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium, Bence Bauer, the director of the Hungarian-German Institute for European Cooperation, and Andor Nagy , who served as the Hungarian ambassador in Vienna for five years.
11/20/23, 3:50 PM
Migration Research Institute

International Migration Research Network established by the Migration Research Institute

The International Network for Immigration Research (INIR) has been established in Budapest by the Migration Research Institute, together with renowned American, French, and Israeli partner institutions, to provide a pragmatic, scientific, and professional approach to the issue of migration, and rejecting unrealistic ideological approaches to the issue.
11/13/23, 6:39 PM
Center for Constitutional Politics

Research seminar with Nigel Biggar

The MCC Center for Constitutional Politics recently hosted a research seminar featuring Professor Nigel Biggar from Oxford University, who presented his book entitled What's wrong with rights?
11/9/23, 9:14 AM
Center for Public Law

Where Referendum is a Basic Institution of the Constitutional Process–MCC’s Center for Public Law visit to Ireland

The first autumn study trip of the Center for Public Law, which lasted from the 13th to 18th of October, focused on comparing the democratic and constitutional systems of Hungary and Ireland. Meetings and discussions with university professors, researchers, practicing lawyers and public officials allowed participants to deepen their understanding of key fundamental rights issues related to the questions of referendums, abortion, marriage, euthanasia, migration, freedom of expression in the online space, hate speech, and child protection. They also learned about the culture and history of Ireland, which has a great impact on how Irish people view these fundamental issues. In the context of Irish constitutional policy, the functioning of the Irish courts and the role of case law was also addressed.
11/9/23, 9:10 AM

Battle of Ideas Festival in London

In the last weekend of October, MCC students took part in London’s Battle of Ideas Festival. Nearly 100 panel discussions were held over the course of the two-day event, which brought together over 2500 participants. MCC’s group was comprised of students from a variety of fields, which matched the diverse range of topics at the festival.
11/6/23, 3:38 PM
Learning Institute

Learning from Asia in Education confernce

The "Learning from Asia in Education" conference, which took place on 30-31 October 2023 at the MCC Centre in Budapest, provided a new perspective on education development in Asia and presented an opportunity for intensive communication between Asian and European education experts.
11/3/23, 3:52 PM
Magyar Összetartozás Intézete

"We need to understand what holds the Hungarian nation together" - the MCC Institute for National Unity was launched.

The Institute for Hungarian Unity has started its activities under the direction of Gábor Margittai and Anita Major, who both have decades of experience in studying Hungarian history. It is Mathias Corvinus Collegium's sixth institute. As it was stated in a remark relating to cancel culture, one of the most dangerous trends of our days, "a nation that denies its past also denies its future".
11/2/23, 4:48 PM
Center for International Law

MCC-Stanford Student Summit: Once in a Lifetime Experience

Two major cities, world-class universities and renowned professors, public figures who shaped our history, two joint student programs, nearly twenty academic lectures, two federal judges and many more adventures in California: this was groundbreaking MCC-Stanford Student Summit that provided MCC students with a life-changing experience.
11/2/23, 9:02 AM
School of International Relations

A Study Trip Across the Equator with Students from the School of International Relations

MCC Students visited key institutions in Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous country. The primary objective of the trip was to give students an insight into Indonesia's system of foreign relations.
10/27/23, 9:01 AM
Budapest Lectures

The Revival of Classical Architecture in the 21st century

The recently held lecture of MCC’s Budapest Lectures series discussed the fascinating topic of classical architecture and its potential revival. The lecture featured the architect Conor Lynch and was moderated by Stephen Sholl, Head of the MCC International Communications Group.
10/26/23, 2:36 PM
Learning Institute

Battleground in the History classroom: French experiences and perspectives

On 20 October 2023 in a compelling podium talk on History education in France, the distinguished participants, Joël Hautebert, university professor of legal history, Yannick Jaffré, associate professor of philosophy and János Setényi, director of MCC Learning Institute shed light on the critical aspects of history teaching in France, Hungary and in Europe.
10/12/23, 1:39 PM
School of Economics

MCC Torockó 2023 - The First Merged Training Event of MCC’s School of Economics

Torockó, Romania was crowded, not just with MCC students, but with Minister Csaba Lantos, Professor János Száz, Associate Professor Jácint Juhász, Konrád Rés, originator and director of Vibe Festival.
10/12/23, 1:03 PM
Budapest Lectures

The Power of Duty and its Impact on Societies in East Asia

The Budapest Lecture held on the 2nd of October focused on duty, the evolution of this concept over the centuries, and its impact on Japanese society. The discussion also shed light on how the so-called „No war clause” of the Japanese constitution and debates over its changes. The discussion featured Hajime Yamamoto, Professor of Law at Keio University, who guided the audience through the various topics, in addition to the moderator Noémi Pálfalvi, Head of the MCC’s International Directorate
10/10/23, 3:25 PM
Center for International Law

US politics in the web of "impeachment"

What is the constitutional function of US "impeachment"? How does it differ from criminal prosecution? What US constitutional institutions play a role in the impeachment process? For what reasons is this procedure being used more often and what does it mean for American democracy? These and other exciting questions were answered at a recent panel discussion between Renée Lerner, Professor of Law at George Washington University and Craig Lerner, Professor of Law at George Mason University, at the MCC's Zalaegerszeg Centre, where we were given a glimpse into a fascinating area of American legal and political struggles.
10/9/23, 1:15 PM
Migration Research Institute

“The Decade of Move” - The Threats and Challenges of Mass Migration in Europe

A joint conference was organized on September 28th by the Migration Research Institute and the Waclaw Felczak Institute of Polish Hungarian Cooperation at Mathias Corvinus Collegium to assess the migration trends of the last ten years.
10/9/23, 9:27 AM
Center for International Law

Instead of Ideologies, Human Rights Are Rooted in Communities

The communities are a good starting point to protect human rights because, it is they who understand the reasons behind protecting rights -pointed out by Josephat Kilonzo in lecture organized by MCC in the University of Miskolc.
10/6/23, 10:49 AM
School of International Relations

What is AUKUS? Where is the US-China Rivalry Heading?

The first autumn presentation held at MCC’s Székesfehérvár Center focused on the AUKUS agreement and its significance. Ádám Tenczer, an International Relations expert and researcher at Mathias Corvinus Collegium, offered insights into how the nuclear technology transfer agreement between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia affects the security of the Pacific region, and why the US left out several of their allies from the cooperation.
10/5/23, 4:39 PM

Hundred Years of Hurt: The Impact of the Past on the Present

"Understanding other countries’ collective memories is crucial for successful diplomacy, one cannot, for example, understand Hungary without understanding how Hungary remembers Trianon. Neither would I recommend anyone embark on a diplomatic mission to Hungary without understanding 1956 means either," said Stephen Travis Sholl, Head of MCC's International Communications Group, and guest speaker at MCC-Debrecen.