College Charter


We, the students of MCC, believe that we bear responsibility responsible not only for ourselves but also for others. Every development opportunity, including quality education and courses, international conferences and study trips, student projects and community programs are designed to enable us, as future intellectuals, to play an active and responsible role in shaping the destiny of the Hungarian nation. The following points are intended to set out the basis for our thinking about community, the values that MCC stands for, and our vision for the future.


As students at MCC, the community we are a part of is important to us. Therefore:

  1. We help each other. We are in competition with ourselves, not with one another.
  2. We strive to contribute to the development of the community beyond the expected requirements, in terms of both professional and personal relationships. We consider all members of our community as equals and do not discriminate between our fellow students, whether they are from the countryside, from the capital, or live outside of the country’s borders.
  3. We show our respect for the community through responsible behavior, appearance, and attire at lectures and conferences.
  4. We regard outstanding national and international performance as a defining achievement that enhances the reputation of the institution and testifies to the talents of our students.
  5. We strive to learn and understand different perspectives. We listen to each other’s views, engage in constructive debate in case of disagreement, and seek to build each other up and broaden our horizons.
  6. We show respect for our teachers, fellow students, and the staff of the Collegium, respect that expresses appreciation for each other’s knowledge, work and dignity.
  7. We take care of our surroundings, value our shared spaces, and strive to make order and cleanliness a value in the Collegium building.


As MCC students, we believe that our responsibility as the intellectuals of the future goes beyond ourselves. Therefore:

  1. We are open to the world, to new knowledge and experiences, and we seek to use the knowledge acquired during the years spent at the Collegium for the benefit of the Hungarian nation and our communities.
  2. Volunteering is important to us. We are sensitive to what is going on in the world around us, and we try to play an active role in times of social difficulties as much as we can, because those who have received more owe more to their communities.
  3. As students of the largest talent education institution in the Carpathian Basin, we strive to support and strengthen Hungarian communities abroad to the best of our ability.
  4. We also represent our community on an international level to the best of our ability.
  5. We are aware of our social mission and are present in the representation of the institution. There is a time for fun as well as for work and learning.