MCC Budapest Lectures

MCC aims at educating intellectuals bestowed with critical thinking, willing to address contemporary challenges with a deep sense of responsibility. Bearing this goal in mind, in 2019 MCC launched a new series of events entitled Budapest Lectures, providing a platform to discuss the topics, issues and thoughts which preoccupy today's intellectuals. The program aims at discussing these often controversial questions with Hungarian and foreign speakers who are either close observers or shapers of the key public, social, and business processes.

Each conversation can be viewed on the YouTube channel of MCC.

Previous lectures:

  • City of Fortune: Venice and Her Maritime Empire (5/11/2020)
  • Big Tech's Morality Police - Censorship or Protection (17/09/2020)
  • Media in the V4: What has Changed since the Fall of the Iron Curtain? (22/01/2020)
  • Globalism: A Failed Utopia? (22/01/2020)
  • Christian Democracy: An Empty Term or the Key to Survival? (12/12/2019)
  • The Future of Warfare Has Come (11/27/2019)
  • What is the Future of Democracy? (03/10/2019)