MCC Budapest Lectures

The Budapest Lectures, organized by MCC, provide a platform to discuss the topics, issues, and thoughts which preoccupy today’s intellectuals. The program aims at discussing these often-controversial questions with Hungarian and foreign guests who are either close observers or shapers of the key public, social, and business processes.

Previous conversations are available on our YouTube channel.

Here are some of our guests:

Kevin Roberts
President, Heritage Foundation
Tilo Schabert
Bestselling Author, Political Scientist
Klaus von Dohnanyi
Politician, Author
Michael Shellenberger
Bestselling Author of "Apocalypse Never"
Gad Saad
Marketing Professor, YouTuber
Björn Lomborg
One of the Most Prominent and Influential Environmental Thinkers, Bestselling Author
Mark Krikorian
Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies
Adrian Vermeule
Professor of Constitutional Law at the Harvard Law School

You can learn more about our guests and events down below.