MCC Postdoctoral Program


MCC launched its Post-doctoral Programme in summer 2019 with the mission of promoting science and reaching out to talented instructors. Through the grant scheme we support the academia so that their research results could be widely used instead of being available only for a smaller community. The Programme is open to persons with doctoral degree. The winning applicants will have a year to re-work their dissertation – under the mentorship of leading MCC instructors and experts – into a clear, exciting reading comprehensible for a wider range of readers. Meanwhile, MCC assumes the costs of publishing and circulation of the book. MCC was prompted to launch this Programme by recognising that there is a lack of focus on the research results of young Hungarian researchers and, consequently, such results are not fully exploited by the society. The Post-doctoral Programme aims to change this by supporting the publishing of books that bring us closer to understanding Hungarian and foreign events, phenomena and processes, and whose theme appeals to addressing masses of readers.

Those who have defended their doctoral dissertation between 2012 and 2020 and who feel that their doctoral subject is relevant to a wider range of educational and informative activities, are welcome to apply to the Postdoctoral Program.