Ilan Greenfield was born in Israel, studied in Tel Aviv, and joined the IDF for three years as a medic in the paratroopers. Following his military service, he studied in Fullerton College and became a Zionist activist on campus in California. He joined TELEM as natinal treasurer 1980-1982. Returning to Israel in 1982, Ilan joined his family publishing company, Gefen Publishing House, consequently rising to the position of CEO. In April 2022, Greenfield visited Washington, DC, where he presented the Ambassador of Croatia, Pjer Šimunović, with a copy of “And Every Single One Was Someone” – a 1,250-page volume that contains the word “Jew” six million times in memory of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust. In 2022 Greenfield was among the The top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2022 on the Algemeiner 100 list. Greenfield has lectured to many groups visiting Israel. Greenfiel played rugby at Tel Aviv University, he is a Marathon runner. Greenfield lives in Kfar Adumim, married to Caryn, they have four children and seven grandchildren.