Born in 1989 (Spain), Graduated in Economics and International Trade. Four years ago he began his journey through historical and economic dissemination through social networks after returning from his stays in London, Chile and New Zealand. Currently, he directs the program En Libertad, which is broadcast independently through iVoox and YouTube, with more than 500,000 monthly listeners. He is also the director of the digital newspaper El Liberal (

He has almost a million followers on his social networks, where he publishes his articles on history, politics and economics. In recent times it has become a benchmark for ideas of individual freedom and self-thought. Critical of the general behavior of the social mass, he has drawn the attention of Spanish universities by holding numerous conferences, TV programs and radios.

He is also the author of the successful saga The Century of Criminal Socialism, of which he has already published two volumes, and The Great Manipulation. How misinformation turned Spain into the paradise of the Coronavirus, published with great success in La Esfera de los Libros and of which more than 30,000 copies have been sold.

Preface of his new book:
The Herd: how the West has succumbed to ideological tyranny
We live in a time when feelings prevail over reason. The power of public institutions, combined with the harassing masses, social networks and the media, conquers the minds of Western peoples. The result is a docile society guided by misinformation and imposed dogmas, hardly questioned, such as equality, climate change, racism, state interventionism or radical feminism, always watched by the "All-seeing Eye." Jano García builds in this book one of the most revealing and innovative stories in recent times about the ideological tyranny that subjugates the West and that transforms their societies into servile herds condemned to single thought.)