Matthew Tyrmand is a journalist (both investigative and editorial), political strategist, activist, consultant, and investment banker. He is a dual Polish and American citizen deeply engaged in the battle of political ideas in both the USA and Europe. As an unabashed nationalist and populist, he is an outspoken critic of the European Union and American-engineered globalist multi-lateralism and is a consistent voice in the battle to take back Westphalian nation state sovereignty. In the U.S. he works closely with organizations focused on bringing robust fiscal transparency, prudence, and accountability to the public sector as well as rooting out corruption in both the public and private sectors. In Poland, where his father was a pivotal mid-20th century anti-communist writer and dissident (and Holocaust survivor) and later an informal advisor to Presidents Nixon and Reagan on defeating communism, Mr. Tyrmand frequently appears in mass media commenting on Polish, American, and European political issues and contributes twice a week to Polish Television's (TVP) main English language news commentary show. For several years he penned a weekly column for one of Poland’s top conservative newsweeklies, Do Rzeczy.  He has contributed to numerous English language platforms in the U.S. and Europe including, but not limited to; Breitbart, Forbes, The American Mind, The American Thinker, The American Conservative, The Jerusalem Post, The European Conservative, Big League Politics, Human Events, and numerous outlets in Poland including Wprost, Gazeta Polska, and SuperExpress in addition to authoring two books in the Polish market. He is an actively engaged board member of the guerilla journalism platform Project Veritas working closely alongside it's founder and leader, the modern-day muckraker, James O'Keefe on operations and strategy. Mr. Tyrmand is a Claremont Institute Lincoln Fellow, a Conservative Partnership Institute Haggerty-Richardson Fellow, and a member of the Philadelphia Society. Before getting involved in politics, policy, and activism, he spent his years after graduation from the University of Chicago as an analyst and trader on Wall Street, running equity long/short portfolios in the healthcare, tech, media, and telecommunications sectors for well known New York based hedge funds. Those who know him describe him as "enfant terrible" and describe his mouth as "a weapon of mass destruction." This can be confirmed by the rants of one Anne Applebaum from the Washington Post/Atlantic who writes very mean things about him.