Rafi Nave is a Senior researcher at the Neaman Institute in Haifa, focusing on National Strategy and Policy in Economic, Social, Technology, Business and related topics.

Rafi served as the Director of the Bronica Entrepreneurship Center of the Technion, an interdisciplinary unit designed to Educate the Engineering students and direct them in practice of Entrepreneurship, including Academic classes, workshops, competitions and varied forms of consulting and mentorship.

A Technion alumnus, Rafi has led a distinguished career as a leader of Israel's applied technology Hi Tech sector, most recently as Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Given Imaging Ltd., the world leader in non-invasive gastrointestinal tract diagnosis.

He previously served as Chief Technology Officer of Tower Semiconductor Ltd., and prior to that, spent six years as Vice President of Research and Development for NDS Limited, the world leader in pay-television systems.

He started his lengthy career at Intel Israel in 1974, where he began as a chip design engineer and progressed through positions of increasing responsibility over 21 years. It was there that he led the development of Intel's family of 80X87 math co-processors and then served as General Manager of Intel's Haifa Design Center for 5 years.

Nave has been awarded the Rothschild Prize for Industrial Developers by the President of the State of Israel, and the Intel Achievement Award. He holds four patents.
Nave won the Bible Championship of the IDF ( Israeli Defense Forces )

An Israeli citizen, Rafi was born in 1949, lives in Haifa, and is married with three children and four grandchildren. He earned both his bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in Electrical Engineering (with honors) from the Technion.