"Shaun Riordan is Director of the Chair of Diplomacy and Cyberspace of the European Institute of International Studies. He is a visiting fellow at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations (“Clingendael”) and the Charhar Institute (Beijing). Shaun is a senior consultant on public, digital and cyber diplomacy with both UNITAR and UNDP and has taught at diplomatic academies in Spain, Bulgaria, Armenia and the Dominican Republic. He has also taught at the Financial Markets Institute in Madrid and has been a research fellow of the London School of Economics.

Shaun is a former British diplomat who served in New York, Taiwan, Beijing and Madrid, as well as in the Counter-Terrorism, Yugoslavia, UN and Hong Kong Departments in the Foreign Office in London. He is the author of “The New Diplomacy” (Polity 2003), “Adiós a la Diplomacia” (Siglo XXI 2005), “Cyberdiplomacy: Managing Governance and Diplomacy in Cyberspace” (Polity 2019) and “The Geopolitics of Cyberspace” (Brill 2019) and has written widely on diplomacy and geopolitics and their interaction with digital and other emerging disruptive technologies (EDTs)."