Orsi is the regional manager of the MCC FIT Program in Nyíregyháza. She has a degree in Hungarian language and literature, but she is currently in love with another field, mental health support training.

She says she has always been able to overcome the difficulties in her life thanks to her eternal optimism. She never lets problems get the better of her! He is the kind of person who believes that, deep down, all people are good.

She is proud to have been born in Transcarpathia and to have spent the first big chapter of his life there!

As a Hungarian living abroad, she has experienced a sense of belonging, a willingness to help, a deep respect for traditions, and the love and respect of Hungarian people for each other.

As an event organizer and study administrator, he was always in contact with many people and could easily talk to anyone!

She loves her family, the sea, new things, trips, friendly conversations and coffee!

She thinks the FIT program is a brilliant idea and opportunity, and encourages everyone to sign up and take advantage of it!