I have extensive professional experience in education and event management. I have spent a significant part of my professional career in secondary education, whereas a teacher of mathematics, English language and literature, and as an institution manager, I have acquired a great deal of experience in the field of education and training of secondary school students, in the organization and operational implementation of various events, in the development of study and community programs, in the organization and implementation of study trips, and in community building.

I would also like to use my skills acquired in the private sector - in education and event management - in the MCC and to provide quality leisure activities for our talented students.

As the head of the High School Program in Veszprém, my goal is to create an interested, cohesive and creative community of students in Veszprém, helping them to continue their education and to succeed in life.

As well as learning from the best of the best, I want to provide them with interesting, colorful and meaningful programs in the City of Queens every year.