I was an active scout until I was a university student, so I have experience in leading and developing students a few years younger than me, in program organization and community development. I know myself as someone who is not afraid of challenges and is flexible, a good problem solver and a team player. I am interested in child development and their inherent values. I believe that within the MCC we can work effectively to bring these values to the surface and crystallize them.

In addition to my degree in English teaching, I also have a diploma in pedagogy of play and recreation organizer and a qualification as a community culture specialist. The latter two are the closest to my heart, which is why I like to work in a field where students' personalities can be developed through non-formal and informal learning. I believe that the MCC community can be a tertiary socialization area for students, where they can integrate into society beyond the family and school and later become useful members of society, using the knowledge and skills they have acquired here.