I'm Fanni Újvári, I graduated with a degree in political science and social politician. My life has always been about community development. Social responsibility has been a part of my life since I was in high school and it still defines who I am today.

I am happy to work with young people: I founded a youth community in the municipality of Orgovány, which is still an important part of the life of community. I have also gained experience in the field of community development. I have also acquired experience in the field of urban development, which is still a matter close to my heart, as it is an indescribable feeling to work with the actors of villages and towns to put their communities on an upward trajectory.  Basically, I see the potential for development locally, in the cohesion of small communities.

In my free time I really like to experience new things. The world of nature and the high mountains is particularly inspiring. In the words of one of my favorite teachers: 'I like to work with people who dare to be great when they are young, and with people who dare to stay young when they are great. Great because they live their dreams, and young until they give them up.