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During our last spring trip, participants of the Budapest Fellowship Program and Visiting Fellows had the opportunity to explore one of Hungary's most precious historical town Pannonhalma.

First, they have visited the famous wine cellars of the Pannonhalma Archabbey, where they could learn about the traditions of the abbey winery and the application of modern technologies in the use of grapes. The group then walked through the unique Perfume/Scent Museum, which just opened last year, where they could smell the various basic scents in the abbey’s herb garden. We reached the Abbey through the abbey’s fascinating Botanical Garden. The fellows, in the early medieval style Basilica, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, were able to gain profound insight into the history of the Benedictine order and the current life of the monks. During the guided tour of the abbey’s monumental Library, they were acquainted with the oldest surviving document to use the Hungarian language, the Charter of the Tihany Benedictine Abbey, dating back to 1055.

In partnership with the Hungarian Foundation – HF.