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Continuing to build its international network, MCC has acquired a stake in the Modul University in Vienna, which will provide unique training and study opportunities for MCC students and Hungarian students from the Carpathian Basin. Furthermore, the talent institution will be involved in major international research projects as well.

Modul is Austria's leading private university

The institution's achievements over the last 15 years speak for themselves. Founded as a private university dedicated to tourism, the academic programs offered at Modul University, Vienna have been continuously expanded over the years. It is now an internationally recognized private university with various programs available at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. While in 2007, the university's Vienna and Nanjing campuses offered three study programs for 80 students, today 1100 students are studying International Management, Sustainable Development, Applied Data Science, Tourism and Service Management in 11 different study programs.

Excellence in research

The Modul University Vienna provides high-quality practical training and also runs extensive research programs, in which the MCC academic staff will now be involved. According to U-Multirank's 2020 Edition, a multidimensional, user-driven approach to international ranking of higher education institutions, Modul University Vienna is the only Austrian university to place in the top 25 worldwide and one of just 9 in Europe. The university fits perfectly into the profile of MCC as education at the institution is based on small groups and mentoring, it follows international standards, has a strong research background and provides personalized talent development. The teachers at the university come from over forty countries, and the language of instruction is English.

Professors help MCC build its international academic network

Last autumn, MCC opened a training center in Brussels, where students can learn first-hand about the workings of the European Union. A few weeks ago, it partnered with ESMT Berlin to offer scholarships to more than 20 students a year at Germany's top-ranked business school. MCC also concluded an agreement with The Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation, allowing MCC students to study at some of the UK's top universities.

The current acquisition is part of this international networking. The expansion is supported by professors from renowned universities such as the University of Notre Dame, Columbia University and the London School of Economics. This will significantly strengthen the research and education profile of both MCC and the Modul University in Vienna.

Unique academic training and first-class internships

The cooperation will greatly support the education and development of MCC students and Hungarian students from the Carpathian Basin. Students will have the opportunity to gain work experience at international organizations, companies and meet public and business leaders. With the support of MCC, students can acquire and develop knowledge, skills and abilities that are not always available in a conventional university environment.  They can immerse themselves in a topic of interest to them, for which they get mentoring in small group settings or even through coaching. The long-term goal is to create a university and academic environment where key players from academia, business and public life can meet and share their insights and experiences, thus stimulating further dialogue.